[access-uk] Re: AD and NTL question

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  • Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 16:12:21 +0100

oh Cripes! David!  I knew once upon a time they were a bit slow on the uptake 
there when I was an ntl customer but, I'd have thought they'd have started to 
catch up!  thanks for letting me know anyway.

thank god I'm with sky.  Not my choice mind you but, I'll make that 
recommendation.  it's about time NTL got that in motion.

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  The short and only answer appears to be no.  I am an NTL subscriber and have 
asked them on more than one occasion about audio description.  They have always 
told me that they have no knowledge of audio description and that no one has 
ever asked about it.

  Not at all helpful and totally negative, but if more of us ask, then, 
maybe,some day.

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    HI everyone,

    justa simple question here.  I'm asking on behalf of another V.I. here 
about the availabitily of audio description on NTL's digiboxes.  Now, I've 
never investigated, living with sighted parents has made that not an option I'm 
free to persue.  If only I'd live on my own <groan>.

    anyway, I've learnt that sky does and have got a contact number for the 
department that will help me set up AD on our Sky box.

    anyway, I want to know if NTL carry AD at all?  Nothing seems to be 
mentioned on their website so, any NTL digibox subscribers have any experience 
of AD with NTL?

    would be great.



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