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  • From: John Chambers <john.ch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 19:04:39 +0000 (GMT)

For me i prefer to keep our team against others however you do it...7 races is 
good for me but it is up to you marco :) 

Cheers, John.

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From: Piaggio, Marco <marco.piaggio@xxxxxx>
Subject: [acc_tr_vsk] Micro
To: "acc_tr_vsk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <acc_tr_vsk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tuesday, 25 May, 2010, 19:58

Perhaps tonight we will be in seven:

I hope Filippo could be with us!

We can do 7 races (4x4) UNTITED TEAM  versus other (blues)
If you prefere we can do internal team race! Tell ME!

From this table
1          a          b          c          d
2          b          c          d          e
3          c          d          e          f
4          d          e          f           g
5          e          f           g          a
6          f           g          a          b
7          g          a          b          c

And this random association (using Team maker page 
http://chir.ag/projects/team-maker/ ) :
A          REIN
B          DARREN
C          ALB
D          ADOONIS
E          AIMO
F          JIEL
G         COLIBRI

Here the races:
1          REIN                            DARREN                              
    ALB                             ADOONIS
2          DARREN                      ALB                                      
   ADOONIS                     AIMO
3          ALB                             ADOONIS                              
  AIMO                           JIEL
4          ADOONIS                     AIMO                                    
   JIEL                             COLIBRI
5          AIMO                           JIEL                                  
       COLIBRI                       REIN
6          JIEL                             COLIBRI                            
       REIN                            DARREN
7          COLIBRI                       REIN                                  
      DARREN                      ALB

This is the best i can do :)
Tell me if it is ok or if you have another method to do this.

If you prefere we can do internal team race!

See you 21:10

I remember you our Sailing Instructions : 
http://sites.google.com/site/vskaddicted/Home/team-race-request-form ; (Rule 5 
is NEW: care to take pens at finish line!!! Your score could be changed!; rule 
D-3A says that DNF BOATS  will be classified at last, if the game is not 
restarted: so NADEO score may be invalid)

Umpiring: 1) We apply the ISAF rules including the appendix D.  2) UN team uses 
preferally the manual umpire system. 3) Cancellations are allowed. 4) In case a 
team constests a result, the result is adjourned until the discussions based on 
the replay lead to an agreement. 5) A boat that has broken a rule just before 
or after crossing the finish line, and is unable to take a penalty turn due to 
being classified as finished by VSK, will have her finishing position adjusted 
as if she needed 30 seconds to promptly to take one penalty turns.6) In case of 
withdrawal or of disconnection, the rule D3a) applies unless all(*) the 
competitors agree to restart the race".
(*) "All" has to be interpreted by "those who answer in the minute"

Ethic: As the Nadeo umpiring system is not perfect, some guys are trying to use 
its weaknesses to cheat. We need some race ethic that can be summarized:
To pen oponents is not the goal of Team-racing.
Do not pen if the opponent does all his possible to avoid you. But if he 
clearly didnt respect a rule giving him an advantage, you have to protest.


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