[acc_tr_vsk] Re: Acc TEAM RACE

  • From: jd-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: acc_tr_vsk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 14:05:20 +0100

tonight i'll open a server for Mini Championship.
I hope at 20:55
3x3 (8 spec)
password Havefun
United  nACCions TEAM RACE
race form iTbyc, Vskaddicted and ...

Cheers Marco (Colibri)

Hello Marco and all !

I note the PW is "Havefun" and not "havefun". I precise it because VSK makes difference between the upper and the lower case letters.

I have put Rick and Marco in the google calendar we share I and John, so normally the day of any event, we all will receive remenbers from the calendar. Just click on the link to get details.

These "micros" are our "base". I have gave the info to VSK-USA and invited them to arrange the challenge on one of these tuesdays (unfortunatly, i shall be absent the 2 next tuedays).

Good afternoon friends !


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