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Hi to all.....and Welcome to ABC

~All 'Bout Computers~

Volume 1, May 30, 2001 - mailed to 202 members

If you would prefer to read the online ezine, follow this link and click
on "Current Issue"  <http://www.personal-computer-tutor.com/ABC.htm>


Happy Birthday to US! This is the first issue of a newsletter I have
been wanting to create for a long time. Now, thanks to all of your
encouragement and suggestions, here it is.


Interested in joining my fleet of expert contributors? I can sure use
your help! If you are an expert in some area of computing and would like
to contribute about 2 to 4 hours a month to this endeavor, please send
an email to: ABComputers-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Though I cannot pay you,
I would be happy to promote you and your website through this medium.
Don't be shy! Write to me and tell me what you are good at!


Special thanks to Tina Clarke for all her help. Without Tina's guidance
and boots to my butt, I would never have done this! Please take time to
check out Tina's website and ezine: ***************STATION
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Do you want Tips, news, articles, links and ebooks on FrontPage? Well
the AccessFP Ezine is the best place for your FrontPage and web crafting
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Are you looking for resources for FrontPage? Want to know where all the
best fp links are? The hosts, the lists, the forums? Use AccessFP -
FrontPage Resources Centre as the start site for your FrontPage
Information facts.  <http://accessfp.net/> http://accessfp.net/


Here's something I have to include at the beginning of every newsletter:

This is not spam. You are receiving this newsletter because you (or
someone using your email address) subscribed to it voluntarily. If you
would like to remove yourself from ABC, please see SUBSCRIPTION
MANAGEMENT at the bottom of this newsletter. Using the "Reply" function
will not unsubscribe you! My subscriber list is NOT made available to
other companies or individuals. I value every subscriber and respect
your privacy.


Watch for any links in this newsletter that wrap to more than one line.
These will have to be copied and pasted into your browser as one line in
order for you to access them.


Also, at the top of each newsletter, there will be a link to the online
version if you would prefer to see it in HTML (with my infamous animated
gifs....LOL). The link will look like this:

click on the "Current Issue" link when you get there.

The text only version of the newsletter will include adverstisements,
both from me and from Yahoo!.....sorry. But the online version will only
include links to products that are recommended by contributors or
myself, not so much as ads, but more as recommendations. For now, the
online ezine is FREE...only time will tell. Please take a minute to
check out some of my advertisers. Maybe you might actually see something
you like and if you occasionally purchase something, all versions of
this newsletter/ezine can remain free.

***************STATION BREAK********************

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<http://newbieclub.com/?buntah> http://newbieclub.com/?buntah


Next will come the Main Menu of all that is included in each newsletter.
These items will also be links to their online counterparts, for those
who would prefer to pick and choose what they want to read instead of
having to scan through the whole newsletter.

Here's a sample Table of Contents:

I. What To Expect Inside

2. Linda's Latest Book


3. What's New at Linda's Computer Stop

4. Meet the Fleet

5. Check out ABC's online Lounge


OK. Now that you know what will appear at the top of every newsletter,
let me tell you what I hope to include INSIDE each newsletter:

The first part will always be an up-to-date report on what's new on my
website. Obviously, what's new and consuming most of my time right now
is THIS newsletter and the online ezine. The online version is still
under construction, but you should bookmark it and check it out often.
Right now I'm trying to construct a Discussion Forum so you can have
another avenue to get your questions answered without having to wait for
the next issue of the newsletter. But, this only works if you use it, so
give it a try! Also, I want to start collecting all YOUR favorite
computer websites so you can clean up your Favorites Folder. Send them
to me and I will post them at our ezine site. Then you can take them off
your hard drive and access them from here. (At least here, I can promise
you they will stay in alphabetical order! LOL) I also want to start
collecting computer humor here, so send me all you got!

Visit our ezine homepage and let me know what you think so far:


And send me those questions, jokes, and links!!


Eventually I hope to have a fleet of experts who will be able to
contribute tips and suggestions in each issue. Presently, Parker Renaud
has signed up to be my expert on Outlook in the Corporate
Environment....so I'm looking forward to his words of wisdom when it
comes to Outlook and how it plays with the Exchange Server.

And, Tina Clarke has agreed to give us excellent FrontPage advice. When
it comes to FrontPage, I may USE it but Tina KNOWS it.

Also, I am very happy to say that Hal Cardona has volunteered to be the
Hardware expert for this forum. I'm telling you gang that we couldn't
ask for better. I met Hal through a Windows email group and he saved my
butt many times. I trust him so much that I ended up buying my newest
computer from him. And Hal doesn't only know hardware....he's a whiz at
networking and all Operating Systems too. So, I'm here to tell you that
you can completely trust any advice he gives you.

If anything, all of the members of my Expert Fleet have shown me that
their advice is not only sound, but conservative. I've never seen any of
them give advice that could be harmful to someone's computer or
operating system, without full warning. These experts are good. To learn
more about them, check out



Hopefully, by the time the first REAL newsletter comes out (probably in
about 3 weeks), I will have added some more to my fleet. Until then, I
will have to fill in the gaps as best I can. If anyone reading this
feels they can contribute to this newsletter in any way, please feel
free to contact me at ABComputers-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx My most urgent
needs are for experts on Access, VBA, and Web Design, or whatever you
might think these readers need to know. Of course, I'll be better able
to determine that if the readers let me know what they want. Don't be

Along with the collections of tips and advice on all the Microsoft
software and operating systems, I would eventually like to include some
stuff on Adobe, Macromedia, and PowerQuest. Any experts lurking out

Also, in this newsletter, I would like to include a question and answer
section, where your questions can get full coverage. If nothing else, I
will answer them as best I can. And, if I'm stumped, I will check with
the fleet and see if they can help me out. But, I assure you I will do
everything I can to get you an answer or two.

Another part of the newsletter will address current issues regarding
software upgrades, patches, etc. Though I will not be advising you of
every virus that comes around, I will occasionally mention those that I
feel are especially dangerous.

So, this is just some of what I'm dreaming of. I hope you all will bear
with me until I get things smoothed out and running. I'm thinking the
format will be plain text so it reads well on all systems......but there
will be a table of contents at the top that will link to an online
version, for those of you who would prefer HTML versions. This also
should appeal to those of you who would rather check out specific
articles to jump to instead of reading the entire plain text newsletter.
This is the best solution I can come up with at this time. If it doesn't
work, I will adjust it in the future.

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have only "dreamed" of doing? I did this, at the age of 50, and you can
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you can sign up to write your own ebook to help others. They also have a
FREE weekly newsletter called Dream Jobs Dialog where you can get tips
and dialog from real life dream jobbers. When you get to the site, just
look for the subscribe button in the upper right corner.

Hey....even if you already have a job, it's still fun to DREAM!!


Now, the last point I want to cover is TIMING. At this time, the
newsletter will be published when I have enough info to publish it.
Since all of the contributors to this newsletter are doing this on a
voluntary basis, we must all be patient and give them enough time to fit
us into their schedules. I'm assuming this will be published about once
a month. If information starts coming into me more often than that, I
will get it off to you as soon as possible. If it's a slow month and no
one contributes or asks questions, then it might be 6 weeks between
issues. I'm gonna have to play this one newsletter at a time for now.
Anyway....Thank you all for being charter subscribers and I hope I won't
let you down. Please send any questions you might want answered, or any
suggestions for tips or tutorials you would like, or just a note to let
me know what kind of things you would like to see included. Send all
requests to ABComputers-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Or drop by

and drop me an email from there.



Now.....this is what will appear at the end of every newsletter. READ




In order to get what you want, you must send your email to the right
place. These are the correct addresses to use:

Subscribe: ABComputers-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unsubscribe: ABComputers-unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

List owner: ABComputers-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Or, you can go to the homepage for this newsletter and change any of
your subscription preferences:

This FREE publication is sent ONLY to people who have requested it.

Note: My subscriber list is NOT made available to other companies. I
value every subscriber and respect your privacy. Do you know anyone who
might be interested in receiving this newsletter? Please feel free to
forward it on to them and invite them to subscribe.




Routine Disclaimer: Although I make an effort to check out every
advertisement and link, I cannot assume responsibility for the actions
of my advertisers, or the availability of links. You use the information
provided at your own risk, it is always wise to back up your data before
editing.All advice given in this newsletter/ezine or at Linda's Computer
Stop is given with the best of intentions and should only be taken as a
suggestion and not a definite fix to a problem. ABC ~ All 'Bout
Computers and Linda's Computer Stop are the property of Linda F.
Johnson. The views expressed by readers or contributors are not
necessarily those of Linda F. Johnson and, as editor, she reserves the
right to deny inclusion of any contributions if she feels they could be
harmful to someone's computer. However, just because she allows it to be
included, does not mean she is responsible if it causes problems. All
readers are responsible for their own computers! Please help promote
ABComputers by linking to my sites.


or, click on these links to become an affiliate under me and you will
earn money if you sell any of my ebooks (or any other books published by
these companies, for that matter):


Thank you for reading "ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers".

(Copyright) 2001 - ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers, Linda F. Johnson, MA. ABC
may only be redistributed in its unedited form. Written permission from
the editor must be obtained to reprint or cite the information contained
within this newsletter. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to
any of your associates who might benefit from this information. If you
are receiving this issue as a forward, and would like to get your own
free subscription, please see subscription management above, or visit
http://www.personal-computer-tutor.com/archives.htm to see back issues.

Thank you and I look forward to bringing you a newsletter that you will
actually want to read. Look for the first REAL issue in about 3 weeks!!





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