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2.  Linda's Thought of the Month
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4.  Office Tips 
 ~ PRINTING YOUR VBA CODE ~ by James La Borde

5.  GeekSpeak Translation from the Cap'n 
 ~ by Patt Meara



 ~ by Chad Welch

 ~ by Mike Baynes

8.  Special Review by Terry Dean

9.   Steve's Ravin' REVIEWS ***
~ by Steve Mills
 <> IMAGE ANALYZER - 5 geezers 
 <> PDFPRODUCER - 6 geezers 
 <> ICONART - 5 geezers 
 ~ by Vic Ferri

& Info on the PPTLive Conference
 ~ by Kathryn Jacobs

12. All About Publishing with FrontPage 2002 ***
~ by Tina Clarke

13.  Subscription Management
14. Contact Information

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What can I say...it's Mother's Day so how can I let this go by 
without saying HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my 86 year old mom?  
I only hope I can outlive her, but I seriously doubt it LOL

And a happy day to all of you moms out there and to all of you 
who have moms  :-)
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(3.) WHAT'S NEW at Linda's Computer Stop 

Well, first of all, the big news is that this is ABC's 24th issue, 
which means we are two years old today. Happy Birthday to us. :-)

And, along with this comes my announcement that our format will 
be changing slightly.  Because the writers for this webazine all do 
this on a voluntary basis, I've decided to stop being such a slave 
driver and forcing them to write stuff they may not feel like writing.  
So, from now on, ABC is going to have a much looser format.  
The writers can write about anything they want to write about, as 
long as it's computer related and I think it would interest the 
readers.  So, don't be surprised if you see one of your favorite 
writers writing about something totally different than what you 
expect from them. AND, I want to open up our writing staff to 
anyone who is interested in contributing.  If you think you can 
teach us something, by all means contact me and let me see 
your stuff.  But don't panic...none of the Fleet are leaving...
they just may be branching out a bit, to write about other 
areas they know about and want to share with you.

Another change I've made is I've made ABC a bit smaller.  
Believe it or not, most of the feedback I receive says it's too 
big!  So, since I really don't have the time to do it more than 
once a month, I am simply being more selective about what I 
include and only including the creme de la creme. LOL

As usual, I appreciate feedback from all of you, but can't 
possibly please everyone, but I try to go with the majority.

And the next announcement I have is this:

Our own PowerPoint expect, Kathy Jacobs, has just been made 
a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP!!  I hope you all will join me in 
congratulating her.  She sure deserves this recognition for all the 
help she has given many people thru newsgroups, support groups, 
ABC, and, of course, her own wonderful website, 

And, our own multimedia expert, Vic Ferri wants to tell you about 
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Well, I have wicked spring fever so I have to admit I haven't 
added a lot of new stuff to my site this month...but I've been 
given some review copies of a few pieces of software I'm 
checking out and I will report to you about them in the next 
issue.  I'm also still working on some new ebooks and video 
tutorials that I will be making available for you by late summer 
or early fall, so keep an eye out for them.

Of course, I've also added some new links to my favorite 
links page, so go there and check out the revolving Ns:

Well...that's about it for this month.  Please come back 
to my site often to see what else I've added and drop 
me a line if you have any suggestions.

Email: linda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Linda Johnson is a college instructor of all of the 
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(4.) Office Tips 
 ~ by James La Borde

How many of you have tried to print out your VBA code in the 
hopes of sitting down and going over it to try to troubleshoot 
a problem? Maybe tried to print it for posterity sake? Maybe 
even print out someone else's code to try to learn from it and 
follow the logic? If you have tried to print your VBA code you 
have probably learned one very disappointing fact, the nice 
color-coded code does not remain when printed. That makes 
it rather hard to read. 

I don't normally endorse products here. However, there is a free 
application available on the web that takes care of this 
annoyance. It is called PrettyCode.Print from 
http://www.VBCity.com. This is a simple file that allows you 
to import your VBA code and print it out to a color printer and 
retain the nice formatting. As an added bonus it also groups 
your logic. This can prove to be an invaluable troubleshooting 
tool if you have faulty logic or a mismatched loop. It groups 
the following logic for you:

With. End With
Do. Loop
If.Then. Else

The nice thing about it is that it shows each component of your 
statement linked by a single line. Each level is included so if you 
embed an If. then. Else within a Do.Loop, it still shows up as 
a unique grouping. Your code is unchanged other than the lines 
to help in your grouping. 

VBCity does require that you register the product online but that 
is a free process and this is definitely a valuable tool for such a 
minor hassle. If you would like to check it out for yourself, visit:
James La Borde works in the computer department at a 
Credit Union, where he uses Access, SQL Server, VBA, 
and ODBC daily.  He also teaches online Access classes 
at Eclectic Academy.
NOTE FROM LINDA:  Those of you who are new to Access 
or VBA coding, might want to join my Microsoft Office email 
group where James and many other members are happy 
to help newbies learn this stuff.  To join this group, just go 
here and enter your email address and hit the Subscribe 

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Show Me Windows

(5.)  Cap'n Patt's
 ~ by Patt Meara

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             *****THIS MONTH'S FEATURES*****

 ~ by Chad Welch

I'd be curious to see a survey of how many people use the 
different versions of Microsoft Office. My parents use Office 97. 
At work I use Office 2000. At school I use Office XP (2002). 
Now Office 2003 is slated to hit the shelves late this summer. 
I've been able to obtain a prerelease version and have been 
using it for more than a month.

There are already plenty of reviews out there for the newest 
version. This article simply adds to that heap. I haven't seen 
any articles written for us simple people who use Office at home, 
school or small offices. I think that most changes and 
enhancements in Office 2003 are geared towards corporations and 
large organizations, so the reviewers have been writing about 
those changes. However, there are plenty of changes that I have 
been able to test and think will be a hit for all Office users.

One thing that you will need to get used to if you make the 
switch is the phrase "Downloading from Microsoft.com.." I should 
have started a list of all the times I noticed it was pulling 
information from the web. This is a great enhancement. The 
Internet has such a wealth of information; I am excited anytime 
I see a program checking for updated or more recent information. 
Some things that use the Internet will still work without a live 
connection. For example, the Help files are installed on the 
computer, but it checks for updates on the web. Without an 
Internet connection you will see a message, "Unable to 
communicate with the server," but the local Help files will still 
be displayed. Translation and stock quotes, on the other hand, 
require a live connection.

Speaking of translation, Office 2003 uses WorldLingo.com  to 
translate documents. It is translated using machine translation, 
so it isn't perfect, but I translated a couple of documents from 
French and Spanish to English. The grammar was off, but I 
understood the gist of the documents. In other words, use the 
tool to translate documents that you receive in a different 
language, but don't try to translate your original document to 
a foreign language before sending it to others. For a price, 
WorldLingo offers to have your document proofread by a human 
to ensure that it is grammatically correct.

Another enhancement that impressed me is the added editing 
features. Word has added a new view called Reading Layout. 
It optimizes the text in a document for the resolution of your 
monitor for easier reading. When I first heard of this, I thought 
it was hogwash, but I'm now convinced, I can read and review 
a document quicker when I have the view set for Reading Layout. 
You can also compare documents side by side. This is a very 
easy way to take an original document and one that has been 
changed and compare them. You can scroll both documents at 
the same time and easily find the changes.

Another enhancement that has been getting mixed reviews for 
the last couple of years is Microsoft's error reporting and 
customer feedback. I have always believed that feedback by the 
user to the developer is a great idea. In this version of Office 
the error reporting is handled the same way (at least the part 
that we consumers see). Microsoft is now collecting information 
about hardware and how you use office. They use the information 
to identify trends and usage patterns. Ideally, they can make 
more enhancements and upgrades to the parts of Office that 
are used more often. Of course, participation is optional, but 
I recommend it.

Well, this article is growing long, and I've barely scratched the 
surface. I'll add to this review next month. As you can tell, I'm 
excited by the new options available in Office 2003. However, 
I'm not sure whether the cost to upgrade is worth it or not. 
Next month I'll explain why.

As always, if you have a topic or question that you would like to 
have addressed in this column send me an email with "Idea for 
ABC" in the subject line. If you are the first to send me the idea 
and I use it, I'll send you $5.00.
Chad Welch works as a technician/enabler in Utah and is 
pursuing a degree in Biology. He is looking for a competitive 
and challenging position as a crime scene technician or 
forensic scientist. He is willing to relocate anywhere in the 
US as long as it is close enough to a good university so he 
can finish a bachelors and masters degree in biology or 
forensic science. He will also become POST certified if 
needed.  Contact him at chad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx for more 

 ~ by Mike Baynes

As you are probably all aware, Microsoft's Windows XP is the 
latest and greatest Windows program from Microsoft.  In their 
efforts to maintain the security of XP, Microsoft  frequently 
issues Critical Updates and patches  That's the good news.

Unfortunately, sometimes the patches can cause unforeseen 
problems and that's the bad news.

Most recently Microsoft issued the "Microsoft Security Bulletin 
"Buffer Overrun in Windows Kernel Message Handling could Lead 
to Elevated Privileges (811493)"
Originally posted: April 16, 2003 Updated: April 25, 2003


The installation of the patch resulted in a slowdown of many 
XP systems after it was installed, which was reported in many 
of the online news reports:

Microsoft Security Patch Slows XP Systems 
By Mary Jo Foley Monday, April 21, 2003, who says "Microsoft is 
said to be looking into a fix to its kernel buffer overrun remedy." 

See also:
Latest Windows XP Patch Slows PCs
Joris Evers, IDG News Service Tuesday, April 22, 2003, who says 
"Microsoft works to repair bug in bug fix...Microsoft's latest 
security patch can cause computers running Windows XP to slow 
down to a crawl, affected users say. Windows XP can take up to 
ten seconds to start an application after installation of the patch
released last Wednesday with security bulletin MS03-013, say 
some users. The complaint is echoed in dozens of postings on 
several online discussion boards. Removing the patch brings 
system speed back to normal, according to these users." 

There is more to both of these articles on their respective pages.

The problem can be cured in most cases by removing the patch.
 Click on Start> Settings> Control Panel> Add and Remove 
 Scroll down the list. Near the bottom of the list of programs is 
the installed patch: Windows updates 4-16-2003 Windows XP 
Hotfix (sp1) Q811493 File size 18 MB. 
 Click Remove 
 You will be prompted to reboot the computer to finish the 

You should be able to install the program again if you save the 
download to a specified location.  Then shut down your 
Anti-Virus program and install it.

Although it is frustrating to experience problems like this and 
earlier problems with XPSP1, we are fortunate that the problems 
are made public and solutions or alternatives to the problems 
are found.

I still download the security patches as they come out. I do, 
however, always set a Restore Point before installing any 
update, download, or patch, whether it be an Anti-Virus update 
or a security patch.
Mike Baynes is the editor of MikesWhatsNews.  
To subscribe, send a blank email to 
mikeswhatsnews-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the word 
"subscribe" in the subject line (without the quotes)
See Mike's Anti-Virus pages ~ http://virusinfo.hackfix.org
To subscribe, send a blank email to:
virusinfo-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with subscribe in the subject.

(8.)  Special Review by Terry Dean

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended

I was impressed. And if you know me, you know that doesn't 
happen very easily.

I paid for the Mark Joyner Farewell Package when it was first 

I've been in this business for over 6 years and have earned 
millions online personally, but I had to jump on the offer. There 
was so much invaluable code in this package that something 
would have had to be wrong with my head to miss it.

This source code allows you to create your own products, run 
an affiliate program, set-up a membership site, and so much 

I received my package a few days ago and opened it up 

Several parts of it immediately took me by surprise.

Most of the time when you read a sales letter you expect that 
they may be hyping it up a little. "OK, their product may be 
good, but it probably isn't quite as good as what they're saying.
" So you take it all with a grain of salt.

But the package I received actually excelled over the sales 
letter this time. The sales letter is a good one of course, but 
his package is actually much better than the sales letter 

You can see the sales letter here, but as I said, it really doesn't 
do the offer full justice:

In fact, here are 3 reasons why this package is the best purchase 
decision I've made this year (and I buy a lot).

1. Besides including all the source codes that he promised, he 
has included extra surprise codes.

I looked through the CDs immediately and noticed several 
programs and source codes that Mark didn't even mention in his 

There are even little additions in each code that will easily 
multiply the results and sales anyone will get from it. Mark 
definitely knows how to run his business and how to get code 
developed for maximum profits.

If you use only one of these codes, then you will have gotten 
10 times your value from the package.

2. The audio interviews are worth way more than the total cost 
of the package.

I had looked at the audio interviews as the "free bonus" Mark 
was using to add a little additional value to the package. 
I was wrong.

I've listened to 7 of the interviews so far...

These interviews are brand new. They were created specifically 
for this package and include many steps, strategies, and 
techniques Mark Joyner personally gives you to use the source 
code to maximum advantage.

Mark handpicked the people interviewing him on these CDs to 
make sure he had the cream-of-the-crop. In fact, he turns the 
interview around several times to actually pull never before 
revealed information out of the person doing the interview.

The CDs are done so that some of them are on a basic level to 
get a beginner started. Other ones are so advanced that a pro 
like me was actually taking notes with plans to implement those 
techniques soon. No matter what level you're at, there is 
definitely something for you in these recordings.

Even if you were drop dead lazy and never used a single source 
code, you would still get way more than your money's worth with 
these interviews.

3. You get to take part in a private support community to 
network and work together with other users.

This is never once mentioned in the sales letter, but he has 
actually built a support community for all buyers.

You'll find developers who can help you modify the code, top 
marketing experts, and a place to network with others. I don't 
have any idea why Mark never mentioned this in the sales copy. 
It easily doubles or triples the value of the package.

To put it simply...you are not alone when you buy this. You 
instantly become a member of a closed door community who 
are striving for success online together.

And I'm not the only one who has been impressed with the 
package so far. I've corresponded with Mark personally and he 
shared some of the other rave reviews that have come in already...

Donna Knight of sitehits.com said, "After examining only part of 
the source code, I've seen lots of previously unrevealed gems. 
I really believe this package can make my company at least a 
million dollars with only a fraction of what's included ..."

Lan Turner, the CEO of Gecko Software (geckosoftware.com) said, 
"It has already saved my company hundreds of thousands of man 
hours of my own companies' development time, in being able to 
implement the tools and services he has provided. Having this 
information handed to us as Mark has done will propel my own
company forward by over a year ..."

Here's what Bill Hibler of rudlreport.com said: "My package arrived 
yesterday morning and I haven't had much sleep since then. I 
bought this package for the software, plain and simple. This is 
just a license to print money as far as I'm concerned.

I was interested in the recordings but assumed these were old 
interviews just thrown in to sweeten the pot. Boy, was I wrong! 
When I heard you refer specifically to the Farewell Package in 
your interview with Chayden Bates, I knew I was getting fresh 

Mark is only selling 2,000 of these packages total and with all 
of his partners they are moving fast. So check right now to see 
if the sales letter is still up. If the sales letter is still online, 
then you haven't missed your chance...yet:
Terry Dean's Brand New Free eBook Reveals More Time Tested 
Proven Internet Marketing Secrets Than 99% of the Paid 
Products Available...Showing You Step-By-Step How to 
Increase Your Traffic, Drop Your Expenses, and Drive Your 
Profits Through the Roof:

~ by Steve Mills

Happy Anniversary Linda and ABC. I truly hope everyone 
appreciates the amount of work and care she puts into this ezine. 

Here's my anniversary present - a Mills brain dump:

* The next big Internet thing - Blogs and RSS/XML feeds. Go 
back to last month and look up NewsDesk and see what the 
fuss is all about. You can take this one to the bank.

* Biggest danger to the Internet - SPAM activists - I strongly 
believe this - more dangerous than the spammers. I was an ISP 
and I can't tell you how many times we had hell raised over 
legitimate and requested emails. False positives in any Spam 
filter is the worst of all results. Programs like Cloudmark are 
relying on idiots and zealots to create a filter using collective 
wisdom - Do you think that has a chance?

* Baddest of the bad - Intuit. Their choice of copy protection 
was criminal. Just wait till more people have to reload on a new 
computer. Personally, I changed to Tax Cut. It's technically 
inferior, but much more user friendly. Now if only someone, 
besides Billy's boys, would come up with a competitor for 

* Good guys - The crew at ecommerce templates. 
If you are building a web site, check these guys out. They 
are located in Spain, so the time difference for those of us 
in the U.S. can be a little cumbersome, but it's been a long 
time since I've seen a product developed with more care and 
supported with greater passion. If you're considering building 
a web site, check them out.

* Software, I use daily (and like) - Photocopier, NetCaptor, 
RoboForm, MassDownloader, Task Plus, Copernic, Clipmate, 
Shooting Star, MusicMatch Jukebox. See my reviews of them

* Software, I use daily (and wish I had an alternative) - Outlook 
- That's the list - at least the leading contender!

* Favorite new hardware - Sony DVD writer and external Firewire 
hard drive

* Hardware I want - High definition scanner, like the Epson 3200

* Something I wish would go away - The DMCA

Your suggestions are welcome and encouraged. 

Take Care...


This month's reviews:

 <> Image Analyzer - 5 geezers 
 <> PDFproducer - 6 geezers 
 <> IconArt - 5 geezers 

<screen captures of the software interfaces online>


Image Analyzer
Version: 1.14
Date: 4/17/2003
Author: MeeSoft
Web Site: http://meesoft.logicnet.dk/ 
Rating: 5 Geezers

(EDITORS NOTE: I've had intermittent problems reaching 
this site, so if this link doesn't work for you, keep trying 
or contact Steve at steve@xxxxxxxx)

I've been into graphics stuff recently and there's some good 
stuff out there. Adobe Photoshop Elements continues to be my 
workhorse in the commercial arena, but I find more and more 
Freeware niche programs that are very impressive. I'm sure you 
can create a terrific suite and never spend a cent on software. 
I'm used to Elements and too darn old to change!

Image Analyzer gives you a wide range of tools to correct and 
improve virtually any photo. Some features are:

* Automatic brightness, contrast, gamma and saturation 
* Build-in conventional and adaptive filters for noise reduction, 
edge extraction etc. 
* Deconvolution for out-of-focus and motion blur compensation 
* Easy red-eye removal 
* User specified filters in spatial and frequency domain 
* Resize, rotate, crop and warping of images 
* Scanner, camera and printer support 
* File format support:
Read/write BMP, ICO, CUR, WMF, EMF, JPEG, PNG, PCX and 
JPEG 2000 images
Read RAS, PNM, PGM, PPM, HIPS and Matlab files 
* Morphological operations 
* Color model conversion: RGB, CMY, HSI, Lab, YCbCr, YIQ 
and PCA 
* Distance, Fourier and discrete cosine transformation 
* Math expression module for creating and transforming images 
* Advanced *pocket* calculator with equation solver

Version: 1.2
Date: 2/6/2003
Author: Paras Chopra
Web Site: http://naramcheez.netfirms.com
Rating: 6 Geezers

I very rarely give 6 Geezers, but I believe it is justified here. 
This is a program that does exactly what it is supposed to do.

PDFproducer converts plain text into PDF documents. It does not 
require Acrobat to be installed on the system. It means that 
it does not use any component of Acrobat to produce PDF files. 
As it is freeware you don't have to pay anything for producing 
PDF documents. You can change the page size also. It offers 
90, 180, 260 and 360 degrees of rotation. It also offers a 
choice of 3 fonts which you can use in PDF document and 3 
types of predefined paper sizes. 

Grab this now!

Version: 1.4
Date: 4/29/2003
Author: ConWare
Web Site: http://www.conware.org
Rating: 5 Geezers

It's been a LONG time since I messed around with creating and 
modifying icons, but when I was this program I couldn't resist. 
Boy, have they com a long way. If you just want to have some 
fun or have a higher purpose for creating and editing icons, you 
won't go wrong with this.

Some of the features:

* Web-based update program offering instant updates and 
icon packs 
* Vastly improved support subsite accessible directly in IconArt 
* FULL animated and static mouse cursor support 
* Simple layout - Microsoft Paint style drawing tools. 
* Detailed color pallet options 
* Multiple color depth options for different applications 
* Icon Assimilator - save multiple icon images in the same *.ico 
* Import images from picture or clipboard 
* Capture icons from Dll or Exe files 
* Assign icons to folders 
* Add text 
* Move, rotate and flip icons 
* Scale image between grid sizes 
* Full icon transparency 
* Easy access to reference file 
* Multi-size options

Final Thought:

"In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, 
terror, murder and bloodshed but they produced Michelangelo, 
Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they 
had brotherly love; they had five hundred years of democracy 
and peace and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock."
Orson Welles
Steve Mills has been reviewing software in different capacities 
for many years.  He has recently left his job with a search 
engine consulting firm and is looking for a new adventure.

**************STATION BREAK*****************
                                  from Vic Ferri
High level desktop folder security for 
Windows 95/98/Me

Keep your personal and most valuable files locked 
and hidden from prying eyes, viruses, and other users 
of your computer.  Easy to use and extremely secure.

Lock&Hide is an  extremely easy to use  program that 
allows you to lock and hide any folder on your desktop.  
Folders secured with Lock&Hide cannot be seen, found, 
or accessed. Your folders remain totally invisible and 
highly secured, yet can be accessed quckly and easily 
at any time!

More Info here:

Screenshots and instructions here:

Or download the free demo here
(the demo does not include the "Restore All" feature
or the password protection utility.)

 ~ by Vic Ferri

To create any of these shortcuts, unless otherwise stated, 
right click your Desktop and choose New>Shortcut and enter 
the appropriate command line for your system. Once the 
command is entered, click Next and enter whatever name you 
want for the shortcut. Then click Finish.   If you want to change 
the icon, just right click your shortcut, go to Properties and 
under the Shortcut tab, click Change Icon.

You can also enter these commands in a bat file. To do that, 
simply enter the command you want in a new text document 
and save it with a .bat extension.  You may want to add the 
echo off and clear sign commands to make the bat file run 
without displaying the command lines being executed and to 
make it close automatically.   i.e.:

@echo off
RUNDLL32.EXE user,exitwindows


Shutdown command
RUNDLL32.EXE user,exitwindows

Restart Command
C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindowsexec

Quick Restart Method
This will restart Windows (win.com) quickly without going 
through the entire boot process - great for refreshing the 
registry after changes to it in order to make them take effect.  
The typical way to do the same without a shortcut is to click 
Start>Shutdown and  hold down the shift key after selecting 
Restart and clicking OK.

Note - before beginning this, make sure you are not hiding file 
extensions. Open any Folder and click View>Folder Options> 
in Windows 95 or Tools>Folder Options>View tab in Windows 98, 
and remove the checkmark from "Hide extensions of known file 
types" if there.  Once done, click Ok to save your changes and 
proceed as follows:

Right click your desktop and choose New>Text Document.
Type  this line only:


and save the document.
Now rename your text document with a BAT extension.  
i.e.: Restart.BAT
Move the bat file to your C: drive and  then right click and drag 
it to your desktop to create a shortcut to it.
Right click the new shortcut and under properties,  click the 
Program tab and put a checkmark next to "Close on Exit". 
Under the Advanced tab put a checkmark next to "MSDOS Mode" 
and  uncheck "Warn Before Entering MSDOS mode". Click OK 
twice to save your changes and close. You now have a desktop 
icon that when clicked will restart Windows without rebooting.


rundll32.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 1

rundll32.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 2

Log Off only
rundll32.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 0

Force a shutdown
rundll32.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 4

The above will shutdown any running processes and shutdown 
your computer without saving any data or warning. It should only 
be used if you have problems shutting down normally.

Note the numbers at the end of each of the above command 
lines.  They are what make the different actions possible and 
they can be combined.  The most common combination is using 
the Force shutdown action with a restart.  
Restart = 2  Force =4, so you would just add 6 to the end of the 
main command line:
rundll32.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 6

If your computer supports the power-off feature, you can also 
use the number 8 which is a  Power Off action which will not 
only shutdown your computer, but turn off the power too.
rundll32.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 8

To summarize:

0 = Logoff
1 = Shutdown
2 = Restart
4 = Forced Shutdown 
8 = Power Off (Shutdown and turn off Power)

Another restart method is by using this command in a shortcut:

What the above will do is bring up the familiar Windows setup 
dialog box with the progress bar indicating that Windows will 
restart in 15 seconds.


Windows 2000 and XP come with their own shortcut utility, 
shutdown.exe but it isn't the greatest as it does not do a 
complete shutdown of XP and doesn't always work that great in 
2000 either.  It doesn't usually shutdown your entire computer 
- it just shuts down Windows to the point of  "It's Now Safe To 
Turn Off Your Computer".

For both 2000 and XP, I recommend a better shutdown utility 
developed by a Microsoft MVP - Andrej Budja - which you can 
download from my Wintips&Tricks File section if you are a 
member (and if not, you are most welcome to join)  I named it 
shutdown2.exe so that the original shutdown.exe in 2000 and 
XP won't be overwritten.  After downloading, place it in your 
Windows\System32 folder.

Then, back at  your desktop, use the following command lines 
for your shortcuts.

shutdown2.exe -u -t 0

shutdown2.exe -r -t 0

Log Off
shutdown2.exe -I

Note the -t switch, this stands for TIME.  -t 0 means the 
shutdown or reboot action will begin immediately without delay 
after clicking your shortcut. If you wanted to hold off the 
shutdown and restart for a certain length of time, for whatever 
reason, then just indicate the number of seconds after the -t.   
i.e.  -t 30  would wait 30 seconds before shutting down or 

If you'd like to try the default shutdown utility  shipped with XP 
and 2k, click Start>Run and type 
This will show you all the options you can use with it.

You can also use this method to see all your options for 
shutdown2.exe.Just type SHUTDOWN2 /? instead.

You can also create hibernate or standby shortcuts.  For this, 
Windows own shortcut utility works fine.

For standby use:
shutdown.exe -s

For hibernate use:
shutdown.exe -h

You can use the - t switch with the above as well.  In fact, you 
can use the -t with any of the shutdown actions. 
i.e.: shutdown.exe  -s -t 45 would countdown 45 seconds before 
beginning standby.

You might also find it convenient to assign keyboard shortcuts 
to any of your shutdown shortcuts. A handy one might be for the 
straight shutdown shortcut.  Assign it to Ctrl-Alt -S, for example.

To do this:
Right click the shutdown shortcut you created on your desktop 
and go to Properties.
There you will see the Shortcut key box. Just type S in the box 
and it will change to Ctr-Alt-S.
Click Ok to save your changes and you are done.

Another shutdown tool that ships with 2000 and XP is 
tsshutdn.exe that is mostly used for shutting down servers.  
You can find out more about this here, if you are interested:
Vic Ferri owns the very popular WinTips and Tricks 
email group 
He is also in charge of the Printing Tips page at
Linda's Computer Stop.
and also the Registry Tips page. 

Vic has also created a program which allows you to 
Lock & Hide desktop folders in Windows 9X/ME.  
Read more and get the free demo here.

And, he now offers a service to convert PowerPoint 
presentations to .exe files which can be viewed on 
computers which do not have PowerPoint installed.

& Info on the PPTLive Conference
 ~ by Kathryn Jacobs

Two issues have recently become very popular in my email and 
on the various PowerPoint discussion boards. This month, I am 
going to offer suggestions on both of them, plus another place 
to get some great PowerPoint advice. 

Tip 1: OLE Links vs. Servers

OLE links and OLE servers are a common cause of confusion for 
PowerPoint users. Both are ways to get information into your 
presentation that is developed elsewhere, but they cause 
drastically different results to your presentation. 

OLE Links

You should use OLE links to link to the output of another 
program. If you wanted to include an existing Word file, but 
still wanted to be able to edit that file in Word, you would use 
an OLE link to get the file. To do this, you would use the 
Insert->Object menu option and select "From File". Then, you 
would be able to browse to the file on your hard drive and 
link to it. 

There is a potential problem with linking to a file. Since 
PowerPoint uses absolute addresses when linking files, 
distribution of the presentation gets a little tricky. If you are 
going to share the presentation, you should be sure to place 
the file to be linked in the same folder as your presentation 
and then link to it. 

OLE Servers

OLE servers should be used when you need to create a file 
during your presentation from another application. In this case, 
you are imbedding a whole copy of another application (or at 
least the information needed to set it up) into your presentation. 
If the other application is an Office application (such as Word), 
the overhead isn't that much. However, if the application is not 
an Office application, you will be adding a lot to your file size. 
You won't have the problems related to finding the file that you 
do when you link, but your presentation is much more likely to 
bloat and corrupt. 

A real life example

This issue was brought to my attention via a presentation that 
was bloated and corrupted for no known reason. One of the 
people working on the presentation asked me to help diagnosis 
what was going on. When we looked at the "Properties" for the 
presentation, we noticed that there were entries for both types 
of OLE objects. In this user's case, instead of insert clip art 
from the Gallery, the actual Gallery had been imbedded multiple 
times. When the gallery objects were removed and replaced 
with the clip art desired, the presentation size shrunk back to 
expected size. 

I am not suggesting never use OLE Servers. There are very 
logical places for them, especially if your presentation is 
designed to train users on a specific application. I am 
suggesting that you decide ahead of time whether you need the 
application or the file and work from there. 

Tip 2: Sounds

The other issue that has been on the boards lately is adding 
sounds to your presentation. There are a few basic rules to keep 
in mind when using sounds in PowerPoint: 

* All sound files are linked unless they are WAV files  
* WAV files are only imbedded up to the size defined on the 
Tools->Option window  
* The default maximum size for imbedding WAV files is 10,000K  
* The actual maximum size for imbedding WAV files is 50,000K  
* You cannot fade, edit, or merge sounds natively in PowerPoint  
* If you are using sound files other than WAVs, put them in 
your presentation directory, then insert them  

All is not lost on the sound front. Chirag Dalal has developed an 
addin to allow you to change the volume of your sounds while 
your presentation is running. Check out the Volume Control 
add-in at his site. 
(By the way, Chirag is one of the new Microsoft MVP's for 

Join me at PPTLive!

Looking to get some great PowerPoint training and information 
at a very reasonable price? Join me at the first PPTLive in 
Tucson, AZ from October 12 to October 15, 2003 at the 
Radisson. This reasonably priced conference will provide exactly 
the answers you are looking for! 

Who is putting the conference on?

PPTLive is being organized by R Altman Digital Productions. 
While this is the first PowerPoint conference they have done, 
they are not new to the conference business. The Altman crew 
has been putting on CorelWorld every year since 1989. Assisting 
with the design and presentation of PPTLive are some of the 
biggest names in the PowerPoint on-line community: 

 Rick Altman  
 Cliff Atkinson  
 Geetesh Bajaj  
 Bill Blinn  
 Sonia Coleman  
 April Dalke  
 Kathryn Jacobs  
 Glen Miller  
 Brian Riley  
 Steve Rindsberg  

How is the conference structured?

PPTLive is not just for the computer or PowerPoint guru. It 
starts Sunday with pre-conference sessions on basic topics. 
These sessions are introductions to PowerPoint, digital 
photography, animation, and images. Each of these sessions 
costs US$95. 

During the remainder of the conference, information will be 
presented in sessions divided into three tracks: The Tool Shed, 
The Studio, and The Corner Pub. What kind of information will 
be presented in each of these tracks? Let's check out what the 
PPTLive site has to say: 

* The Tool Shed: Tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies to help 
you better understand PowerPoint and become more proficient 
and effective with it.  
* The Studio: The softer side of presenting: Incorporating photos, 
using graphics, employing tasteful effects, perfecting your 
* The Corner Pub: Less formal presentations: Lots of Q&A 
sessions, round-table discussions, and workshops on 
specialized topics.  

The formal sessions presented during the conference will be 
done presentation style to groups of participants. Have no fear: 
There is still a large hands-on segment to the conference. Each 
day from 9:30 a.m. to the end of the conference day, there is a 
full staff of experts standing by in the Help Center ready to 
answer any question you have. There will be computers 
available for your use and personnel ready to attack your 
problems and help you figure out solutions. 

What can I learn about?

Conference sessions cover a wide variety of PowerPoint related 
topics. The majority of the sessions are designed to help you 
improve what you do in PowerPoint, how things look when you 
do them, and how to wow your viewers. There will be sessions 
on graphics, automation of presentations, building and using 
macros, existing PowerPoint tools, expert tips, templates, 
PowerPoint 2003, and presentation makeovers. If that isn't 
enough, there will be roundtables on finding help, Section 508 
(accessibility of presentations), and PowerPoint gotchas. 

Is the conference all work?

In addition to the work and learning, PPTLive participants will 
have plenty of time for fun and games. For example, there is a 
trivia contest Tuesday after the sessions which is guaranteed to 
get your funny bone acting up. If that isn't enough fun, that 
same evening PowerPointAnswers will be hosting a cookout with 
food provided by the folks at OutdoorCook.com. (Yeah, you read 
that right, yours truly has been convinced to cook a meal for 
those participants who RSVP. Food should be great, company 
even better!) 

Add to this the Prize Train which will make regular stops 
throughout the conference, free lunches on Monday and Tuesday, 
and an opening reception Sunday night, and you come up with 
one great conference plan! 

So.. What's it cost?

The conference itself costs US$750 for those who register before 
July 1st, US$795 for those who register after that. Hotel rooms 
at facility are available for US$124 while rooms are available. 
You will need to provide your own dinner Sunday and Monday 
nights, as well as lunch on Wednesday. All other breakfasts 
and lunches are included. 

Hope to see you all there!...
Kathryn Jacobs, BrainBench MVP, MS PowerPoint
Get PowerPoint answers at 
Cook anything outdoors with 

Kathy is a trainer, writer, Girl Scout, parent, and whatever 
else there is time for.

I believe life is meant to be lived. But, if we live without 
making a difference, it makes no difference that we lived.

**************STATION BREAK*****************

Do you want to know the latest on FrontPage? Do you 
want Tips, news, articles, links and ebooks on 
FrontPage? Well the AnyFrontPage Bytes Ezine is the 
best place for your FrontPage and web crafting needs, 
join up at: 
Are you looking for resources for FrontPage? Want to 
know where all the best FP links are? The hosts, the lists, 
the forums? 
Use AccessFP - FrontPage Resources Centre as the 
start site for your FrontPage Information facts. 

(12.) All About Publishing with FrontPage 2002 ***
~ by Tina Clarke

So, you've read Part I of this article 
and you've reserved your domain name, built and prepared your 
site and are now ready to get your content up on a server. 
Depending on your personal choices when you selected a web 
host you will now want to publish your website to a server 
with FrontPage Server Extensions or FTP for the first time.

Publishing To a Web Server (HTTP)

Log onto the Internet.
Open your web within FrontPage and make sure all pages are 
Click on the navigation view and then go to Tools | Recalculate 
Hyperlinks - as outlined under 'Making a checklist' in Part I

GoTo File | Publish Web.  In the 'Publish Destination' dialog box 
that pops up insert the location of the web server you wish to 
publish to (e.g. http://accessfp.net/ ) and press OK. 

A dialog box may appear asking if you want to create a web at 
that location, press OK to enable this to happen.

Next the 'Enter Network Password' dialog box will pop up. Type 
in the user name and password that were given to you by your 
host in the welcome emails. To save you re-entering these next 
time you publish, tick the box marked 'Save this password in 
your password list'. This makes sure only authorized users can 
access your web server.

NOTE: Always keep a hard copy in case your computer crashes.

FrontPage will think about it for a while and after your user 
name and password have been verified by the web server the 
'Publish web' dialog box will appear and fill up in the left pane 
with the site you're publishing FROM and in the right pane the 
server or drive you're publishing TO.

NOTE: If your 'Publish Web' dialog box does not look like the 
one I show here:
you might have your 'Show/Hide' button selected in 'Hide' mode.  
Just click the 'Show' button on the bottom right if so.

NOTE: Next time you publish the website the location will 
already be filled in for you. FrontPage will compare the remote 
files (the one's on the web server you're publishing TO) with 
the ones you are publishing FROM and will then transfer only 
files that have changed since the last time you published.

Before you press that Publish button click the Options button 
on the lower left hand side.
Click the Publish Tab and, since this is the first time you have 
published, make sure the 'All pages, overwriting all pages 
already on destination' radio button is selected. 

NOTE: Next time you publish make sure the 'Changed pages 
only' radio button is selected, though it should be.  Thereafter 
you can ignore this feature, unless you need to change the 

In the same 'Publish' Tab under 'Changes' the 'Determine 
changes by comparing source and destination webs' radio button 
is selected by default, or you can change this to the 'Use source 
file timestamps to determine changes since publish'.  This 
means FrontPage will look at the local publish logs and publish 
any updated pages since the last publish date. 

NOTE: Be aware that if your sharing uploading with anyone 
else it can cause problems as the most recent files might not 
be the correct files. It is best to use the default option.

You can choose to 'log changes during publish', which I think is 
a good idea.  Sometimes you need to check if files have been 
published or deleted.

There is an option to tick the box marked 'Include subwebs', 
however, in my experience, it is always best to publish subwebs 
by themselves. Merely open up the subweb in FrontPage and, 
when asked for the path, instead of using, for example 
http://accessfp.net/, insert 
http://www.accessfp.net/msbulletinarchives/, where 
/msbulletinarchives/ is the name of the subweb.  
(example. www.yoursite.com/yoursubweb)

When you have completed your Option selections press OK.

NOW you can press that publish button.

The 'Publish Web' dialog box will disappear and a box comes 
up that shows the progress as your files are uploading. The 
time this takes depends on the size of the web you're 
uploading and the speed of your connection.

Once your transfer is complete, FrontPage give you two 
choices of:

Click here to view your published site
Click here to view your publish log file

Clicking either will open up your web browser to display the 
site or the log.
You can then press 'Done'.-- Make sure you do this before 
logging off from the internet.


1. FrontPage 2002 now allows you to continue editing pages 
while it is publishing.
2. If you cancel publishing in the middle of the operation, files 
that have already been published remain on the destination 
Web server. 

Managing Your Publishing Process

Selective Publishing

All files are, by default, marked for publishing, this is a setting 
that can be changed in the 'Publish Web' dialog box however. 
For instance, you might have a page that is not quite ready, 
so if you right click on a page and choose page properties then 
click the 'Workgroup' tab and tick the box marked 'Exclude this 
file when publishing the rest of the web' then press OK, that 
file won't be published. 

There are a number of ways to do this.  For instance, you can 
select files at the point of publishing or through the folders 
view en masse. Go to File | Publish Web |.  When the 'Publish 
Web' dialog box comes up, in the left hand pane either select 
a row of files by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard and 
clicking on the first file to be selected and then the last and the 
ones in-between will be selected, then right click and choose 
'Don't Publish'.  They will then be marked with a bright red circle 
with a white cross in it. Or you can select individual files in the 
column by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and 
selecting them with the left mouse button, and the, again, right 
click and choose 'Don't Publish'. If you want to select the files 
through the 'Folders View, the same method applies.

NOTE: If you want to change the publishing status, just right 
click on a file and choose 'Publish selected Files'.

After you publish your first web site, if you have a guest book 
or discussion web and then later update your web site and 
publish all your files, your guestbook and discussion web 
content will be replaced with a blank page. Include pages with 
hit counters will also be over written, so it's important you 
choose to publish only those files that have changed. 
FrontPage compares the files in the working web site on your 
hard drive to the published files on the web server of the host 
and if FrontPage detects a newer version of a file on your hard 
drive, the file will be published to the Web Server (unless you 
specify otherwise). If you need to publish all pages again you 
should open the website live and keep a copy of the content 
files for the guestbook and discussion web.

Publishing Single or Selected files

If you just want to publish one file or a few selected files, go 
to the Folders List or Folders View. Select the files you want to 
publish by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard and 
clicking on the first file to be selected and then the last and the 
ones in-between will be selected, then right click and choose 
'Publish selected files'. Or, you can select individual files in the 
column by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and 
selecting them with the left mouse button. The 'Publish 
Destination' dialog box will appear. Make sure the location is 
correct.  If not, type it in or browse to it and press OK. A dialog 
box will appear called 'Confirm copy' and proceed to publish 
the files you have selected.  Using this method, however, the 
'Done' dialog box will not appear.

This can be a problematic method however and should be used 
sparingly. Errors may occur and FrontPage might be prevented in 
transferring all files so it's best to publish the entire web every 
now and again if you use this method so FrontPage can make 
sure everything is up-to-date.

Publishing to an FTP Server

This is basically the same method however you publish to a ftp 
location instead of a http.  e.g., ftp.thedomain.com. The host 
will give you the details you need, similar to the http publish 
details outlined in Part !.  You will be prompted for a user name 
and password, if this is the first time you have published to this 
destination and FrontPage will warn you that a web does not 
exist and ask if you wish to create one. Click OK.

You can also use a third party publishing application such as 
WS FTP PRO http://www.ipswitch.com/ 
or WS FTP Lite http://www.tucows.com/preview/195136.html 
or Cute FTP http://www.cuteftp.com/ 

Publishing To a Location on Your Hard Drive

Again you use the same method but your destination is your 
hard drive. If you're using disk based webs it will look 
something like this:
C://my documents/my webs/nameofweb 


1. HTML Filenames are case sensitive

I recommend you upload your files in lowercase only. If you 
have already made your web with uppercase file names Jimco
 has a FREE FrontPage add-on at
called Case Changer 1.5 FrontPage 2k0/02, that will change all 
uppercase file names back to lowercase for you. This is a life 
saver when working with Unix servers! They have another 
add-on called Space Replacer FrontPage 2k0/02, which replaces 
spaces in file and folder names with an underscore character.  
When you write your html files, be sure to refer to any image 
or other html files in lowercase also. Your HTML and actual 
filenames must match exactly, in order for your page to 
display correctly. 

2. Member Names and Passwords are case sensitive so make 
sure to check whetther or not your cap lock key is on. 

Remember that your Member Name and Password are case 
sensitive and you must enter them exactly as shown on your 
Welcome email: e.g., if your member name is "joe", entering 
JOE will not work. This also applies to your password, and the 
names of any files you upload. 

3. If, after you publish your web site, certain components 
don't work:

You may have published to a Web server that does not have 
the most recent version of the Microsoft FrontPage Server 
Extensions or SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft. 
Without the server extensions, certain features will not work, 
such as most form handlers, search forms, and hit counters.  
Check with your Internet service provider or web site 
administrator to find out if the Web server you are publishing 
to has the necessary server extensions.

4. If you want to publish a file that you originally set as 
Don't Publish.

On the File menu, click 'Publish Web'. 
Right-click the file, and click Properties on the pop dialog box.
Click the Workgroup tab. 
Untick the check box that says 'Exclude this file when 
publishing the rest of the Web'. 

5. If you re-publish a web site with a guestbook that has site 
visitors' input, and now the pages are blank:

Certain files should not be published again after you first 
publish your web site. If you have created and published a web 
site with a guestbook, and then later update your web site 
and publish all of your files, your guestbook will be replaced 
by a blank one, causing you to lose all of your information. 
Other examples include pages with a hit counter or discussion 
web sites.

6. If your SharePoint Team Services document library, 
interactive list, or survey is not published when you publish 
your web:

If your web site contains a SharePoint Team Services document 
library, interactive list, or survey, you must author your web 
site directly on a server that is running SharePoint Team 
Services from Microsoft.

7. If you can't publish your Web site based on SharePoint 
Team Services to another server.

Because a Web site based on SharePoint Team Services from 
Microsoft contains certain components that only work on the 
server on which they were authored, you can't publish it 

Happy publishing!
Tina Clarke is the Webmaster of AccessFP - FrontPage 
Resource Centre at http://accessfp.net and an editor of 
"AnyFrontPage Bytes Ezine". Subscribe to the FrontPage 
ezine and get FREE FrontPage E-Books upon joining. 

Well, gang.....that's about it for this edition of 
ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers. I sure hope you enjoyed it! 
If any of it was over your head and you need some 
clarification from one of the Fleet, just send me an 
email to linda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I will 
pass it on to them. Remember that they do this in their 
spare time on a voluntary basis, so you might have to 
wait for an answer.  To make all things work more 
quickly, include as many details as you can in your 
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