[AAMT] Re: Red Deer Session Followup

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 17:57:40 +0000

Hi everyone,

So good to see and meet folks last week!

I just wanted to provide some additional resources that either I mentioned or I 
thought would be useful, given some of the conversations in Red Deer.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Ed Ex DPS Resource Center: http://edex.adobe.com/dps-for-educators

Ed Ex Digital Careers curriculum: http://edex.adobe.com/digital-careers

Adobe Certified Associate exam info: 

Adobe Certified Associate prep materials: 

BRAND NEW Adobe Tutorials (including Getting Started series): 

Adobe TV: http://tv.adobe.com/

We Are the Creative Class video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic3WeaCTz98
[Blog about the process of making this video and the script: 

Best wishes,

Laura Feeney

Education Advocate


601 Townsend St.

San Francisco, CA 94103
415.832.7575 (tel), 510.340.0514 (cell)




"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." 
John Dewey

From: MacKay Pete <pete@xxxxxxxx<mailto:pete@xxxxxxxx>>
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Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 10:38 AM
To: "aamt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:aamt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>" 
Subject: [AAMT] Red Deer Session Followup

Hi everyone,

I wanted to follow up with the discussion points from our last session on 
Friday afternoon so that everyone has the information. Please add to the 
conversation if you missed out. Our next meeting will be January 21 from 
3:45-4:30. There is no topic nor lead yet - please consider signing up to 
share/lead the next meeting. I'll help you get set up if you haven't done so 


Priority 1: If you did not fill out the feedback form for our 2 day session in 
Red Deer last week, please do so here: bit.ly/1dbExce<http://bit.ly/1dbExce>

Priority 2: We did not have time in the afternoon to upload the Cohort Intro 
Activity results to TheConcourse.ca. Please do so or link to a place where we 
can find yours. There is a limit of about 6mb to upload a file, I think.

Adobe Education Exchange
• Great place to share finished resources with the global Adobe community.
• Tag your work with AAMT
• Fill out your profile - and use the tag AAMT in it so that we can easily find 
and follow each other.
• Note that Jeff is on the front page!

• Neutral ground tool that is available to all education-related entities in 
• TheConcourse.ca is made up of member-created groups. For example, there are 
groups for BYOD initiatives and the CTS Specialist Council of the ATA.
• We have created a group for the AAMT.
• TheConcourse.ca membership - Pete signed up everyone already.
• Once you’re a member of TheConcourse, look for an invitation to join the 
AAMT. It is a closed group, and the materials we share here are not publicly 
available. (Put resources that you want to share on the Adobe Education 
Exchange and Adobe Youth Voices)
• Once you are in the AAMT group, you can start discussions, write blog 
entries, share files and bookmarks and create and manage events.
• We encourage you to use TheConcourse.ca to create and manage your own groups!

AAMT Listserv
• This is the most direct method of reaching the AAMT group.
• It is now unmoderated, so please know that whatever you send to the group or 
when you reply to the group will be seen by the whole group.
• If you want to reach a single person or small group, then please email them 
• Useful links for the group are in the footer of any message that goes out.

Adobe Connect Meetings
• Licensing - we have a collection of 25 licences; some of which have been 
allocated to those who are using Connect to present sessions. The PD providers 
are a good example of this use. If you want to use Connect to present, let Pete 
know and we’ll get you a licence. They can be assigned on a temporary basis as 
well, so that maintains some flexibility for the whole group.
• When you sign in, use a first name last name [affiliation] format. ie/ Pete 
MacKay [2Learn.ca] or Sue Bell [CBE]
• Always run through the Audio Setup Wizard and then turn off your mic at the 
top when you are not speaking. Remember to turn it on when you do speak!
• DO use your webcam. It offers a more personal experience, especially during a 
meeting (as opposed to a presentation)
• Try to use wired internet, not wifi.
• AAMT meetings are recorded. Pete will send notes and a link to the recording 
after each meeting.
• When the meeting is over, close your window to exit the room.
• The schedule is on the ‘Motherload’ document. 
 Please sign up to lead a meeting - this is a task that is and should be shared 
among the group.

Future PD Locations and Topics
• Members who live North of Leduc: 43
• Members who live South of Leduc: 17
• http://goo.gl/UKvfmO - Map of Members and their Schools
• May 29-30, 2014 Meeting will be, by consensus of the group, in Edmonton at 
St. Anthony’s Centre (ECSD), which is off of Whyte Avenue. This saves the group 
over 4500km of travel!
• There is a meeting in August. The tentative dates are August 21-22. The 
location will be determined based on group travel and the content requirements.
• There was support in the discussion for an Adobe Certification Summer Bootcamp

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