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And let's not forget to thank Pete MacKay for both organizing the event AND 
providing his expertise in offering sessions!

Sue Bell
Senior Education Specialist – Innovation and Learning Technology
Calgary Board of Education  (www.cbe.ab.ca<http://www.cbe.ab.ca/>)

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Hi everyone,

As the weekend approaches, I want to share some plans that we've got in place 
for our May 29-30 meeting in Edmonton. There are two things for you to do here:

1. Review the schedule at 
- Viewers may add comments to the document or just email 
pete@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:pete@xxxxxxxxx> with any feedback.
- We've planned for Thursday Lunch to be a "Get-Yer-Own" on Whyte Ave - this is 
on your personal budget and 90 minutes have been planned.
- On Friday, we'll bring in a paid-for lunch for the whole group to enjoy 
together for a shorter 45 minute lunch on-site.

2. Please use the following form to register your intent to attend or not. It 
is helpful to have definite numbers for planning, so please be sure to do this 
as soon as you can.
- To save some steps, the form will ask about the August meeting; attendance 
and whether or not you agree to a certification theme.
- There is no liability to answering the questions about August. The purpose is 
simply to get an idea of numbers so planning can be mostly complete by the end 
of June.

Please join me in thanking Colin Byers, Éric Caron, Jeff Beaton, Kirk 
Villanueva, Sue Bell, and Tamarra Price for stepping up to offer their 
expertise for the group!

I created a Google Map of the hotel and venue location at 

The address for the venue is:
St. Anthony Resource Centre (ECSD)
10425 - 84 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB  T6E 2H3
(780) 439-7356

Have a great weekend and we'll chat next week at the Tuesday meeting. Thanks 
for taking care of this response request!

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