[AAMT] April 15 Meeting Followup

  • From: Pete MacKay <pete@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: aamt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 11:47:40 -0600

Thanks to Daryl and Edna who both presented such valuable information to the 
group at Tuesday's meeting! The link to the meeting recording is at: 
http://abed-lrc.adobeconnect.com/p10k38g195i/. I'll paste the chat transcript 
below. The agenda we followed is pasted below too.

On Tuesday, I'm going to send out the registration form for the May PD meeting. 
Included in that will be a no-liability question about your intention to attend 
the August meeting. We haven't settled on a date yet but we need to start with 
knowing how many folks are going to come to that one.

Thanks everyone - have a wonderful Easter break!

1. Alberta Education 5 Minutes on the Provincial Resource Initiatives (Edna 

2. Administrivia: Please take care of the following: (Pete)  (Links to the 
right in the Spring 2014 Task Links Pod  =======>)
    • Roster - fill out your role info        http://bit.ly/1omtZ3K
    • PD Carousel Sessions - 6 (maybe 7) people, 16 (or 20) of 32 possible 
sessions so far!       http://bit.ly/ORQVru

3. Administrivia: Updates (Pete)
    • May 29, 30; Edmonton PD Meeting; if you're Edmonton-based, please plan to 
socialize with the gang on Thursday night!
    • Days Inn on Gateway Blvd; 20 rooms (2xqueen) blocked off for us for Wed 
May 28 to Friday May 30 (2 nights). Book by May 15th. When booking, ask for the 
Alberta Adobe Master Teachers group. You MUST show your ATA card at check in to 
get the rate of $117.00/night plus taxes. Rate includes parking, breakfast and 
    • August PD Meeting: Certification boot camp? Need to discuss dates and 
location. Pete will start pestering the group on Monday.

4. A really cool presentation by Daryl

5. Wrap up
Chat Transcript:
Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: :)

Michael Fleming: Hi, yes, I can.

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: Great to see everyone again!

Tamarra Price (fmcsd): hello everyone.

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Hi all! Daryl and I have been evicted from the office 
into a little room together, so our mics have to be toggled on/off...

Daryl Jones: Hi everyone

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Hi Odette!

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: I am looking forward to agenda item #4  :)

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Hey Edna!

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: There's Barb!

Tamarra Price (fmcsd): I am trying connect on my iPhone. hopefully.

Edna: Hi Everyone

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: @Tamarra - okeydoke!

Edna: Pete I sent you a ppt

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: @Edna - Nope! Didn't get it. Can you send it to 

Christine Anacker: NLSD internet has been down, so some of us may be missing 

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: ok I have no sound, is this normal?

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: @Christine - I heard! Nicole called me earlier...

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Barb - no sound? Like you can't hear us or we can't 
hear you?

Kelly: I have no sound either ... can't hear anything 

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: I can't hear you

Michael Fleming: Yes.

Kelly: loud and clear now

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: aaaaaahhhhh yes!!

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: haha that would do it!

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: MUTE.  :>

Kelly: and sorry I hit return before I put my last name (Murphy) and NLSD

Edna: will do

Kelly Murphy (NLSD): done ... name edited

Éric: Hi!

Steven Ripkens (NLSD): Hey

Tamarra Price (fmcsd): me too... next year... maybe we can share a classroom.

Edna: Let me try one more time

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: Tamarra, you booked your room?

Edna: yes....I will try another account

Tamarra Price (fmcsd): not yet... I am in. high river this week. when I get 
home I will.

Edna: super

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: get going girl!

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: Tamarra... high river - you are just down the road from 
me  :)

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: party!

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: :)

Éric: Sorry, I give support at the same time for another webinar...  Back in 2 

Edna: YES

Edna: super

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: yes

nicole cross: yes

Mark Templeton [BGSD]: y

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: yes I can :)

Edna: yes I can

Scott M: I might be in and out of the room.  

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: <insert Jeopardy Music here...>

Mark Templeton [BGSD]: the "people, places and things" project

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: The man pin tool project?

Steven Ripkens (NLSD): man at work?

Sue Reilly [NLSD]: Person Place THing

Edna: People and Machines

nicole cross: people, places and things project?

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Starts with an N!

Éric: Oups!  I missed something? ;)

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: nouns

Sue Reilly [NLSD]: Noun

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Yay!!!!

Edna: Noun Project and adobe Illustrator....YES

Edna: cool

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Hi Kirk!!

Edna: Live in Edmonton and did not realize that...

kirk: hi

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: @Kirk - did you get my email this aft?

Sue Reilly [NLSD]: HOT

Christine Anacker/Chris Cowden: chili

Dan McWilliam - Connect Charter School: spicy

Edna: right,

Michael Fleming: No.

kirk: nope

Michael Fleming: Perfect pace.

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Mobius Strip!

Éric: Great planning!  Simple and clear

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Engaged • Ethical • entreprenurial 

Odette Caron: Thank you! Well done!

Edna: Great job DAryl.  Enjoyed the session

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: I would like to see Barb create a symbol from her 

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: lol

Michael Fleming: Is the purpose of the noun project to create a universal 
visual language?

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: a palm tree

Éric: I really like that

Scott M: Maybe a Stanely Cup to represent Boston

Scott M: Stanley

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: 

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: 

Éric: Scott M...  Habs for the Stanley Cup ;-)

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: http://iconathon.org/iconlocal/

Michael Fleming: It's a very interesting concept.  How much widespread 
attention has the project gotten?

Edna: Thanks....neat!

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: Thanks Daryl, good ideas there!

Michael Fleming: That's very cool.

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: Go Ednaaaaa!!!

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: Thanks Darryl!!   

Scott M: hard to hear

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: Enda, you are a bit quietr

Daryl Jones: The Noun Project Resources  2learn.ca/workshops/aamtnounapr2014.asp

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: @Wanda - all ok?

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: was just going to see if Edna can increase her mic 

Daryl Jones: http://2learn.ca/workshops/aamtnounapr2014.asp 

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: better!

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: than ks, a bit better

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Cheryl's awesome!

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: http://www.openclassroomonline.com/

Christine Anacker/Chris Cowden: Can Edna turn her mike up a bit more? Pete's 
coming through super loud, but we can't really hear Edna..

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Great! 

Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]: Good to hear, Edna...

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: Thanks Edna

Éric: Thanks Edna

Daryl Jones: Thanks everyone

kirk: thanks Daryl & Edna

Scott M: have a great night everyone

Michael Fleming: Thank you!

Éric: Thanks!

Wanda Dechant [ARPDC]: thanks all

Odette Caron: Have a great evening everybody!

Steven Ripkens (NLSD): thanks!

Barbara Lenormand [NLSD]: Thanks all

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