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Go to Control Panel / System and on the Advanced tab click on Startup and
Recovery "Settings" button.  In the system failure section, take the check
mark out of auto restart.  This will not fix the problem, but it will
prevent the auto restart and allow a blue screen to become visible.  Part of
the text you should see is a Stop 0xxxxxxxxxxx (numbers will vary).  You
will also see a short_pharse_with_the_underscore.  After that you might see
the name of a file with a .drv, .sys, or .exe file extension.  Post as much
of this information as you can and someone may be able to advise you


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I come on a problem now. My computer is often shut down automatically when I
running program that consumes CPU resources very much. It has never been
shut down automatically if no application is running. This afternoon, I was
printing a *.pdf file, it was shut down again. When I turned it on, the
windows 2000 system starts. There wasn't any problem with hard disk, no
check for hard disk.

Could you help me?

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