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Are you running anti-virus software that includes a mail scan like
Norton, PC-cillin etc.?  If so, try turning the mail scan off for a bit
and see if the problem clears.

Largo, Florida 33771

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Sorry to bring up this problem like that.  I've tried typing in the
password before, and it would lock up the computer, requiring reboot.
This time, entering the password solved the problem.  I've contacted the
local isp in the past, and all they could suggest was making sure my
browser was properly updated, which it is.  I get a *lot* of repeat
messages right after getting on, saying the isp is locked up by another
pop-3 session, and to try again later, and to enter my password even
though I only got on one minute earlier using the password.  I
eventually learned by trial and error to just hit Enter as often as the
pop-up appeared, and that would stop the problem for a few minutes,
before it recurred.  When it finally got so persistent last time, I
added mention of it at the end of my message about updating Ad-Aware. 
If the problem has anything to do with running SurfinGuard Pro, or
ZoneAlarm, or anything else I run...but how could it, or I couldn't get
on the internet in the first place.      

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