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  • Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 19:58:28 +0000

Hi Bill,

I don't know of any offhand, but I know there must be more than one out there. 
Digital photography is huge these days. I would try to find you some to try, 
but I'm strapped for time at the moment. Have you checked out the freelists 
group lists to see if anything pops out as a digital photography group? Or try 
a Google or Excite search, that would probably turn up something.

With that said, I feel that it is entirely appropriate to post digital 
photography questions here as long as they pertain mostly to the technical  
aspects. So feel free to post here, perhaps in addition to elsewhere. And if 
you do find a good group, you might want to let us know about it too :)

I have a digital camera myself and know some basics of cameras and so on. Once 
upon a time (in the days before digital cameras were even thought of outside 
of maybe a research lab somewhere), I was a semi-pro photographer. I've 
forgotten most of what I once new, and much of what I do remember either no 
longer applies or is badly out of date. But I do know a bit about digital 
photography, image file formats, etc. and I'd like to learn more too.

Good luck!


> Does anybody know of a newsgroup devoted more or less
> to PC Cameras (like the chep Intel that I have)? Or should
> I just post the questions here?
>           Bill Lurie
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