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  • Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 16:10:15 -0700

With XPlite and 2000lite we give YOU the power to set up YOUR machine the
way YOU want! The power to remove unwanted features, the power to remove
upgrades that go bad, the power to strip potential security and privacy
threats out by the roots.

XPlite and 200lite are world class configuration utilities that enhance
Windows by creating modular operating system components that allow YOU to
take control of your system. Pick and choose which features YOU need or YOU

More than a powerful configuration utility - XPlite and 2000lite give you
amazing control to repair Windows as well. If a particular technology gives
you trouble you can completely remove it, and then reinstall it as cleanly
as the day Windows was first installed on your computer.

If you have one of our licenses already you can puchase a single user XPlite
or 2000lite license with a 40% discount!
Money Back Guarantee 
Lifetime Upgrades 
Online Support Desk 
Download Anytime 
 Installs   Price   Discount  
1   $ 39.95   0% 

This is a retail product but I think it may be benificial to some users who
do not use IE/OE and a lot of the features bundled with XP

It may be cheaper than buying a larger hard drive to hold all the bloatware
that MS installs<G>

Mike ~ It is a good day if I learned something new.
Editor MikesWhatsNews see ~ http://www.mwn.ca 
A Technical Support Alliance & OWTA Charter Member
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