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        Fantastic Fiction


Today's site, a commercial offering from Britain, provides a
convenient resource to keep track of, hunt down or even buy,
fiction of many genres.
Readers will discover that the site provides country specific
retail possibilities, along with handy and helpful information.

"Welcome to Fantastic Fiction ... Bibliographies for over 7000
authors. Use the browse menu ... to find an author by surname, or
use the search boxes ... to search for an author or book ...
Information on over 140,000 books.  Throughout the site, just
click on a book to see its cover picture, description and
publication details ... The latest titles. Check the author's
page, or for a complete list see our New Books pages" - from the

The site features information on fiction, ranging from Nobel
Literature prize winners to the less rarefied forms of ongoing
movie tie-in sagas,
such as the Star Wars stories. The authors' listings provide a
ready reference for checking on the latest books from popular
mystery writers to
Man Booker award winners. Under the "Years" heading, authors are
listed by date of birth from 1628 to the current year. For
example, 1811 includes clickable links within the site to Harriet
Beecher-Stowe and Theophile Gautier, along with a listing for
William Makepeace Thackeray. The "Series" section contains more
than two hundred series that are written by more than one author
-- from Babylon 5 to Miss Seeton. In the "etext" category are
complete books, the copyright having expired, available for
reading online, by a number of famous and still popular authors

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