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Members of road associations & home associations in Southern Colorado. The content management system is still under construction. We will have a forum to discuss computers and internet. We will have a forum on passive and active solar home design. Teach people how to use simple technologies. For example, water can store 62.4 btu's per cubic foot, masonry only about 30 btu's cubic foot. However, most if not all current designs require heating water to about 140 degrees and then pumping through the floors. Heat loss increases with temperature difference in a non-linear manner. So we will present a method of heating using standing water that will not exceed 70 degrees or the home will be uncomfortably warm. We believe that this is a very simple technology but the need for it is great. That is for homes, for road building we are not as far along in developing an improved technology to have better roads in our developments. Thank you.

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