teachthenation: Rethinking the Education Mandate in America and beyong

The purpose of this list is to gather ideas and information necessary to building a consensus and implementing an Education Agenda for America in the 21st century. Discussions will structured around the mission, vision, and goals described below.

Our Mission: To teach, train, mentor, coach and empower a generation that will fulfill their collective responsibility.

Our Vision: To make America truly a great nation, by making available Authentic Education to every student, especially America�s most disadvantaged Children.


1. Attract, recognize, develop, and equip talented teachers and empower them to take full responsibility for the authentic education of every child

2.To help Teachers discover their purpose in life and equip them to fulfill their responsibility.

3.To provide an environment for nurture, growth, and multiplication of the seed of significance and greatness from teachers to students.

4.To provide around school a community of achievement where stakeholders in the process of education have a common purpose, speak the same language, to achieve the common good for all.

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