qforum: Once Were QForum

QForum exists as a refuge for the subscribers to the previous Queensland University of Technology "Forum" mailing list.

The original was described as a "discussion of University/public issues"; this 2012 list is intended as a discussion of both:

- public issues regarding society and/or technology; and

- issues regarding the Queensland University of Technology, its staff and its context.

Given the official closure of the QUT Forum, this list is in no way authorised, endorsed, recognised or managed by QUT or its official administration. Please note that QUT staff are bound by its internal Manual of Policies and Procedures; and the QUT Code of Conduct; even if QUT has no authority over this mailing list.

This list is intended for (and restricted solely to) people (persons, not organisations) who have been members of QUT and especially its 2012-closed "QUT Forum" mailing list.

Anonymised or pseudonymous e-mail addresses are acceptable (for the sakes of privacy and anonymity), but only with some proof of the addressee's past- or present-membership of the Queensland University of Technology.

The FreeLists organisation is in no way responsible for the content of this mailing list. It is intended or preferred that this list be subscriber-only but otherwise unmoderated. The owner (at any given time) of this list disclaims all responsibility for content of subscriber-posted messages and operates only on a volunteer basis.

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