nvda: NVAccess

Hello, and welcome to the NVDA mailing list on freelists.org! and the rules are as follows! 1. their will be absolutely no profanity, nor volgar language on here whatsoever! 2. their will be no bashing the Developers of NVDA. and no bashing other members sutch as derogatory remarks, and threatening or abusing each other. 3. if you know that a message is off topic? Then don't post it! 4. If someone asks a question, and you don't know the answer, then please don't post a message saying you don't know, because it'll clutter my list up with traffic. 5. And finally, the purpose of this List is to talk about developing NVDA, and the AddOn's for it as well. 6. If anyone breaks the rules, by doing the stuff that's not alowd on here, that I mentioned above, then you'll be automaticly kicked off my list, with out a warning! 7. So welcome aboard everybody! and I want to mention, no arguing or whining will be tolerated on my list whatsoever.

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