Support and Help

Technical support, user services, Q&A, etc.

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Access-UK Users Group

This group is designed for blind and visually impaired computer users to discuss all aspects of their specialist software used to enable them to access their computer. It provides a support network where users and professionals in the field can help support each other and discuss and hopefully, resolve, issues or problems surrounding the access technology.

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GGCS Quicken SIG

Golden Gate Computer Society discussion of Quicken programs

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PC Tech Talk

We're a friendly group of techs helping folks get the most out of their computers. Computer users of all levels of experience are welcome to join. Feel free to ask questions, no matter how silly you think they might sound. You can also feel free to answer them if you're so inclined. :O) Our motto is "The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked".

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Amaya Users

A place for owners, and future owners to gather, and talk about ideas, problems or cool things we have found with the Melco Amaya commercial embroidery machine and it's technology.

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Australian Technical Writers

This list is a forum for technical writers to discuss the theory and practice of technical communication. The forum will become an archive of useful tips and solutions regarding workflow queries, software usage, project planning, documentation standards...indeed anything of relevance to the profession of technical authoring.

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Welcome to Blindeudora. This list is for the use of the email program Eudora and its special needs for the blind. The list does not limit its topic to just Eudora. Some computer tech questions get answered also. 1. Ask any question on Eudora or computers. 2. No flames, advertisements or spam allowed. YOU WILL BE REMOVED AFTER A WARNING! 3. Be nice to all members. They are here to help. Tim Blindeudora list owner.

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GOODFEEL is a braille music translator progam that allows the user to create braille music without the knowledge of braille music. This list is for GOODFEEL users to discuss thier problems and solutions.

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This list is for the blind and visually impaired community to discuss Winamp, the popular mp 3 player from Nullsoft. Topics include, but are not limited to, instalation and setup, the Winamp preferences, and working with plugins. Note that to get the best out of this program, an intermediate to advanced knowledge of the Windows operating system is an absolute must. So if you're familiar with Windows, but just aren't familiar with Winamp, or if you already know Winamp and just have a problem, then this list is for you.

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Triad Tech Talk is a mailing list designed with you in mind. The average computer user. This is where you can ask questions, help someone else, and discuss anything involving the computer or the internet. A place to learn more about them, how they work, and more importantly, how to make them work for you, from others like yourself. All things computer can be asked, answered, and discussed in this forum.

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JAWS User List basically for UK users.

This list is essentially for U.K. based JAWS screen reader users, although anyone from anywhere is very welcome

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Computer Talk Shop

At Computer Talk Shop we discuss all aspects of computing, from Windows to Linux, Microsoft to Mac. For the most part the conversation is slanted toward PCs running Windows for the obvious reason, Windows is what most people have. This list is for all ages, gender, and skill levels, and the discussion topics run from newbie to old-timer.

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Microsoft Office

Help for using all of the Microsoft Office family of programs, including Access, Excel, FrontPage, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word. Join and help each other with any questions or problems you may have.

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Hilfe zum Genealogieprogramm Familienbande

Hier helfen sich Anwender des Genealogieprogramms Familienbande. Sie tauschen Informationen aus, stellen Fragen zu Pogramm und diskutieren über neue Funktionen. Hier bekommen Sie Informationen über neue Versionen aus erster Hand.

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Daylon Leveller

Information about the Daylon Leveller heightfield/terrain/bumpmap modeler and related subjects

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Iyonix Support

support forum for the Iyonix computer. The Iyonix PC computer is an xScale based computer running the RISC OS operating system. It is NOT a windows machine. This group is intended to provide users with a dedicated support and self help channel. It is intended that this group replaces (in time) the channel that has been used since the launch of the Iyonix PC.

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YAM mailing list

This list has been disabled by its owner.

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BrailleNote Users Forum

Welcome to BrailleNote Users (braillenote). This forum is a community-driven forum for users of BrailleNote family of products from HumanWare.

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Thandi Mayekiso

The South African government is currently the biggest employer in South Africa. This list is to keep our followers up to date with any new vacancies that were published by the Public Service and Administration Department. Communications are announcement only and this list will be mostly of benefit for South African citizens or people with a South African work permit. Visit our website at

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J-Say discussion List

A list for J-Say users and people interested in J-say technology to share ideas get help etc.

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XyWrite Mailing List

A discussion group for users of XyWrite, the classic DOS and Windows word processor. Although most problems were resolved long ago, we continue to work on, and talk about, adapting XyWrite to modern operating systems, making it interoperable with browsers, email clients and other apps, and exploring its endless potential for customization, especially by means of the versatile XyWrite Programming Language (XPL). This group is a continuation of the mailing list hosted for many years at the Center for Computer Analysis of Texts at the University of Pennsylvania. We are not affiliated with that institution, or with the present or past owners of XyWrite.

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This is a list for open discussion, for the microsoft operating system, windows 10!

Hello! and welcome to the windows 10 mailing list on! Please follow the golden rule, and that's treat each other, the way you want to be treated. My names Bob Edenhofer, and I'm the owner of this list. If you want to know more about me? Than ask! I'm very outgoing and friendly, as long as you respect me and my members.

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HHRUG Mail-list

Hemel Hempstead Risc OS user Group support maillist

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U3A Aylesbury Vale CUSS

CUSS is the Computer Users Support Service for the Aylesbury Vale branch of the University of the 3rd Age (U3A). This mailing list provides a support path for members to discuss and resolve their problems in the use PCs and PC software.

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This is the mailing list of the Susquehanna Area Computer Access Technology Enthusiastes. We will post meeting announcements and minutes as well as allow members to discuss future meeting topics. This is also a forum for members to discuss various computer and access technology issues.

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This list's purpose is to discuss the development and use of UAE (the Unix/Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator).

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Hello! and welcome to the jaws list on the rules are going to be redone! and they are as follows! 1. No profanity! 2. Their will be no bashing of Freedom Scientific! if you have a problem with them, then you take it up with them! 3. Their will be absolutely no fighting on here whatsoever! and no threatening or abusing and harassing other list members, and no derogratory remarks twards each other! 4. if you know that a message is off topic, then don't post it! 5. If someone asks a question, and you don't know? then please don't post a response saying you don't know, because it'll clutter my list with traffic! 6. their will be absolutely no discussing of illegal software, sutch as cracking jaws for example. 7. and finally, the golden rule is, we treat each other the way we want to be treated, and that's with respect! sense I'm the owner of this list, I've set fourth some goals for myself to have a smooth running list, and one of my goals are, not coming acrossed so abruptly, and making friends with people that are totally blind like myself, So come aboard, and let's share each others knowledge! 8. and finally, their will be no blocking each others email address. Just because you don't like another member, that doesn't give anyone of you guys the right to block that persons email address, even though you blocked their email address, their messages will still go to my list so other people will see them. so if either one of you guys block someones email address, you'll be automaticly band from my list with out a warning.

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PCWorks: Information/Help With Computing, Computers, Hardware, Software, the Internet, Malware, etc.

Information and help for problems related to computers, computer hardware, software, malware, and the internet. Our list has been active since about 2000 now, helping with all sorts of computer related problems, such as hardware, software, operating systems, viruses, and help with the internet in general.

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Brisbane Gold Client Group

The Brisbane Gold Client Group of Vision Australia are a group of blind and vision impaired persons who meet at least once a month for purposes of peer support and information sharing such as keeping up to date with the latest adaptive technology.

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The focus of this list is to allow All list members to share help and ideas with each other in an open environment. Here members can discuss PC tips, ask questions you have about your computer, and help others with your experiences. Everyone on the list is welcome and encouraged to help and give tips when they can. Remember the only stupid questions are the ones left unasked.

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what error messages realy mean

This group covers all mainstream &; "alernative" Operating Systems' Error Messages, from Win, Mac &; IBM to Linux &; Unix distros (and others,) and deals exclusively with what "error messages" really mean, and how to solve the specific problems they refer to. Enterprise-only OSs such as Solaris, etc. will be added later.

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Questions, requests and suggestions from Recoll users

If you use the Recoll desktop search software and have a need to ask a question or discuss something with other users or the developers, this list is for you.

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Tibbits Computer Consulting

Technology information, updates and "How-To"s passed on to clients of Tibbits Computer Consulting.

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Blind and visually dissabled computer user group

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Visually Impaired clicker Trainers

A list for discussing adaptations to training dogs with clicker training using a wide variety of devices and techniques that do not require vision.

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Computer Help and Discussion free

Our Computer Help & Discussion forum is for asking computer related questions and for sharing websites and ideas. Please read our policy on the posting of virus alerts. Virus Policy Small talk is always welcome, but any aggressive ridiculing of other board Members, bad language and general harassment IS NOT tolerated. Our Members list is moderated and joining the group for the sole purpose of posting spam on this list will result in the offenders immediate removal from the group. Please also bear in mind that the members of this group are of many nationalities, races, colors, creeds and religions. ALL equally welcome.

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Wessex ARM User Group

A mailing list to support and discuss problems that have been discussed in the WAUG meetings. WAUG meetings are usually held on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

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Clif Notes Newsletter

Freeware reviews, website reviews, tips, tricks, and security advice for Windows PC's. My entire newsletter archive can be seen at

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KRC Mailing List

By subscribing, you will get the latest updates on the KRC site. I will usually include full tutorials on the mailing list and a link to the section on my site. I will try to include the latest updates regarding technology generally (could be anything). If I have time, there will be an up-to-date news on the current viruses and fixes for them. This is really a newsletter to send out to the subscribers to view, but if you have a question that you want to ask, either post it here or on the messageboards at Yahoo (ez2compute7206).

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The ppurpose of the mailing list "pomagala" is to gather blind people from the ex Yugoslav countries, in order to discuss and share experience in using special ades for the blind. The discussion regarding the easyest ways of getting them on affordable price should be also available. Any offensive language, will be punished with the explanation by the owner.

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Ret-Vet Info

Used to distribute information and guidance to military retirees, veterans and their families concerning new and updated military and Veterans Admninistration rules, technology, forms, etc.

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Kevin's Consulting

The list for Kevin's Consulting. This list will keep people up to date with the most up-to-date news for Kevin's Consulting, an I T/security consulting company. This list is also for clients and future clients to communicate. Visit to learn more about Kevin's Consulting.

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For help on using Spacecadet and computer graphics software to render stereoscopic views destined for lenticular images. From Three Guesses. See

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Parkway Technology News

Discussion of Parkway Technology issues.

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I wonder if Dodd knows.

A place to capture questions you'd 'ask Dodd' if he still sat by you. Likely to be mostly mainframe or linux related.

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Mailing list dedicata alla diffusione di ITIL in Informatica Trentina

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SME Group

Discuss and share information as it relates to the use and training of Banner software.

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RapidShare Inspector

Official mailing list of RapidShare Inspector, a nice and useful tool to monitor your premium account.

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Consumer Direction Module group

This discussion group is a place for CDM administrators and users to ask questions, answer questions, and exchange ideas.

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Association of Editors Advocates

This list is for coordination of the Association of Editors Advocates. The AEA is dedicated to advocating for users in Wikipedia processes and advising users on policy. Our website is at, where more information about us is available

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Provides a support and discussion area for users of RISC OS !AntiSpam

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