mondaychalicecircle: MVUUC Chalice circle Monday Meeting

This list would be to make announcements on Chalice Circle Meetings held at The Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation. 9185 Monte Vista Ave, Montclair, California.

Chalice Circles are small groups that meet regularly to deepen their relationships with each other and to grow spiritually. Chalice circles provide an open and supportive environment in which the inherent worth and dignity of each community member is respected, one that specifically promotes making connections and developing friendships within our congregation, and supports spiritual growth and the search for truth and meaning.

A Chalice Circle consists of 6-10 people, including a facilitator and assistant facilitator. The facilitators, who are supervised by the parish minister, participate fully in the group and also come to monthly meetings led by the planning committee and the minister for ongoing support, skill building, and problem solving. Each group meets twice a month for about two hours. If the facilitator is available and the group unanimously agrees, the group can meet more often.