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Gender and Women�s Studies Student Association at Kennesaw State University is founded on the premise that gender, which takes on different forms in different times and places, centrally shapes the everyday lives of all people. GWSSA offers a place where not only can students and faculty increase social awareness among the student body and the public at large, but also get actively involved in engaging current gender and women�s issues, while focusing on intersections with race, ethnicity, and social class. We have also just launched our website using one of the member's own websites as a host. (http://obzidian.com/gwssa). Everyone at the university has different schedules. This is especially true because KSU's student population is predominantly non-traditional. This means our primary form of communication is via the computer. The website has several features that have been added to allow students and faculty to share information, opinions, and important events. The website has chat forums and areas where members can post news and respond. We're hoping to use the listserv to disseminate information about events and problems on campus as well as getting our newsletter out there.

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