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Welcome to THE KILLING KOMPANY and the world of interactive audience participation murder mystery dinner theatre shows, where, since 1993, professional Broadway, TV and film actors are seated among you and at any time you may wind up part of the plot. Don't worry - you don't have to learn any lines or do anything other than be yourself and have fun because "evidence" may be created in our mystery dinner shows in which you are made a suspect! So not only do you get to dine and dance at one of the finest restaurants in your area, but you also get a murder mystery dinner show where you get to solve the crime and match wits with the detective! And prizes will be awarded to the winners! Our casts are located in New York City (and Los Angeles) and perform for private events around the world! Our open to the public murder mystery dinner theater shows are based in the NY/NJ area. Each month, we send out announcements of our upcoming public shows but if you need any further information on public or private events, you can email us at or call us at 1 888 SHOOT-EM and, of course, don't forget to visit us at our web site at!