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Technology in the Arts and information delivery

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Leica Reflex System Forum

Forum discussing the merits of Leica Reflex cameras film and digital, lenses, accessories and the photographs taken with them.

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Pure Silver

This list is for the discussion of silver based photography.

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The original "Heavenly Creatures" mailing list

This is the original HC list created by HeavenlyWeb's Bryan Woodworth, back in 1995. A place for discussion of all aspects of the movie, Kate Winslet, Melanie Lynskey, Peter Jackson and the Parker-Hulme case.

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Discussion list for university professors in the humanities to discuss the impact of technology.

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Audacity® recording software and how the Blind can use it

This list will enable the blind and visually impaired to learn and discuss how to use Audacity®.

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OpenDTV is a community of industry professionals involved with the convergence of three important digital technologies: Television, Computing and Broadband Communications. This community was created by Craig Birkmaier, a technology consultant and journalist, to help these converging industries understand the issues involved with creating a new infrastructure for the production and distribution of digital media content. OpenDTV has a primary focus on the technologies for Digital Television with broad participation from technical and business development executives in the broadcast, cable, DBS, computer, Internet and content creation industries.

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Leica Enthusiasts' Group

Open discussion of Leica photography. Changing technology and how it affects the Leica marque is expected to stimulate spirited exchanges.

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Rollei List

This is a list dedicated to the technical history of the evolution of the Rolleiflex camera from its original inception by Franke & Heidecke as a stereo camera in the 1920's to the medium-format and digital cameras produced today. The list emphasis is on the rapid development of lens and shutter designs spurred by the Rolleiflex cameras over the past eight decades and the impact these cameras are having today on the evolving technology of digital photography.

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Toulousaine - Toulouse 2022

Newsgroup du collectif de la toulousaine de toulouse 2022 S'inscrire (valider dans votre boite mail) Utiliser comment adresse d'envois depuis votre boite mail. Lien d'inscription ou de désinscription: Si problème :

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Stranded Knitter Mailing List

Mailing list for members of the Stranded Knitter knitting group which meets every Saturday in the North Bay.

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Herald Negative Index transcribers

A discussion and help forum for volunteers involved in transcribing the Herald series of newspapers photograph index to creatavailable.e a database of the photographs

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USS Eagle

String for Star Trek Roleplay and discussions relating to Star Trek, Trek Technology, Advancing the ideas that are seen/read about on TV, and in books and magazines.

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Studio Recorder

Discusses APH's Studio Recorder software development

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Dance and Technology List

A list for those interested combining dance and new computer technology, including responsive systems that allow performers to manipulate digital media in real time, interactive digital scenography, and motion capture, as well as the development of new software and hardware tools for choreographers and dancers.

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Email delivery of each month's featured songs, from the Fingertips web site ( Fingertips has been pointing music fans to the web's best free and legal music since 2003.

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