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Technology in the Arts and information delivery

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Current Affairs

Discussing the cultural and historic origins of the English Constitution, Common Law, maintenance and practice. English system of Government and its world-wide adoption. This includes discussing violations of the Constitution

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Think tank Nouvelle Presse

Mailing list to be used by the members of the "New Press" think tank. The objectif of this think tank, which is non-profit and politically and religiously neutral, is to contribute to the promotion and development of the New Press in Switzerland and abroad. The New Press is made of written media (paper and online) that are themselves non-profit and neutral, and that practice humanistic and knowledge- and fact-based journalism based on criteria of quality, relevance, perspective, and journalistic deontology. More at (in French).

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Forum for communicating and organizing jam days and times, organizing songs, collaboration. Current focus is our First and Third Wednesday Jams at O'Briens and bringing musicians together to play music and have fun.

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The Black Lab

We are a DIY, collectively run, volunteer based punk space located on unceded Coast Salish territories, also known as Vancouver, BC, in the Downtown Eastside. This list is used for communications between collective members regarding event booking, finances, etc.

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Daylesford Macedon Ranges Open Studios

A list for participating artists in the Daylesford Macedon Ranges Open Studios Program. We need a forum for artists to discuss the program, where we can also collaborate and do the logistics of tying all the loose ends together. This is a community effort, and the issue is that being artists they don't tend to commune, hence the need for a mailing list (a lot of these people are not on social media like FB or twitter and anyhow they are kind of combative as far as they go, we need a nurturing environment).

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Music, songs and mission

Australian based network. For musicians and songwriters interested in writing and distributing music and songs for use in worship, as well as those interested in contributing to the theology and themes explored. Started in the Uniting Church for anybody interested in constructive participation.

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Montreuil Club de Danse

Gestion des clés du gymnase

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Leyland Film Production QLD

A Qld based community newsletter for those interested in being involved in the production of a feature film on the biography of Mal Leyland from the Leyland Brothers.

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classe 5ap

study computer science in Italian high school

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Lighting Director & Supervisor Forum

A platform for lighting directors, lighting supervisors, master electricians, and shop foremen to promote our roles and responsibilities as leaders in the entertainment technology industry. Share ideas, solutions, and best practices with colleagues. Provide support and encouragement for emerging leaders. Thoughtful discussions and on-topic questions welcome. This is a harassment-free zone. Respectful discourse required.

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Fotomix - nyhedsbrev / Newsletter

Photographic news. New about camera techniques, new developments, chips, lenses, sensors, and other spectra of new photo techniques and what they mean in relation to the old technqiues.. Techniques, tips and tricks for image editing. Information on how to use a computer, printer etc., for processing, printing and archiving. Analysis and reviews of programs used in connection with the photo (digital photo)

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Kulturmaschinen Kulturnews

German: Liste des Kulturmaschinen-Verlages für Veranstaltungen aus allen Kunstbereichen. Die Hinweise brauchen nichts mit dem Kulturmaschinen-Verlag zu tun zu haben. English: The Kulturmaschinen-Publishing-House list to inform about art events of any kind. The events do not need to be in connection with Kulturmaschinen.

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Leica Reflex System Forum

Forum discussing the merits of Leica Reflex cameras film and digital, lenses, accessories and the photographs taken with them.

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New Oz VFX

A list to discuss the prospect of starting up a new VFX (Visual Effects) company in Sydney, Australia.

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Leicas and the Southwest

Listing and describing your Leicas, M or R Are you working in film: digital or both. Have you been to Lamy? The 'Ghost Ranch'? The Four corners area?

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