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Think tank Nouvelle Presse

Mailing list to be used by the members of the "New Press" think tank. The objectif of this think tank, which is non-profit and politically and religiously neutral, is to contribute to the promotion and development of the New Press in Switzerland and abroad. The New Press is made of written media (paper and online) that are themselves non-profit and neutral, and that practice humanistic and knowledge- and fact-based journalism based on criteria of quality, relevance, perspective, and journalistic deontology. More at (in French).

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Live show discussion, song analysis, and event logistics for Phish followers.

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Forum for communicating and organizing jam days and times, organizing songs, collaboration. Current focus is our First and Third Wednesday Jams at O'Briens and bringing musicians together to play music and have fun.

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EEGsynth discussion list

This list is intended for discussions between developers and users of the EEGsynth open-source software. For more info see

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The Black Lab

We are a DIY, collectively run, volunteer based punk space located on unceded Coast Salish territories, also known as Vancouver, BC, in the Downtown Eastside. This list is used for communications between collective members regarding event booking, finances, etc.

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Music, songs and mission

Australian based network. For musicians and songwriters interested in writing and distributing music and songs for use in worship, as well as those interested in contributing to the theology and themes explored. Started in the Uniting Church for anybody interested in constructive participation.

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Visually Impaired Kindle users Group

Group formed to share tips on using Amazon's Kindle e-readers accessibility features. Independently moderated, not affiliated with Amazon.

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Solawi Gaertnerei Hof Medewege

communication within a group of Community supported agriculture (CSA) in the locality of Schwerin (Germany). CSA is a form to organize the agriculture and the distribution of food in a cooperative way.

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Current Affairs

Discussing the cultural and historic origins of the English Constitution, Common Law, maintenance and practice. English system of Government and its world-wide adoption. This includes discussing violations of the Constitution

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Campionato di Fotografia

Newsletter for the Flickr Group "Campionato di Fotografia" to notify photographic competition to all subscribers.

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Fotomix - nyhedsbrev / Newsletter

Photographic news. New about camera techniques, new developments, chips, lenses, sensors, and other spectra of new photo techniques and what they mean in relation to the old technqiues.. Techniques, tips and tricks for image editing. Information on how to use a computer, printer etc., for processing, printing and archiving. Analysis and reviews of programs used in connection with the photo (digital photo)

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Kulturmaschinen Kulturnews

German: Liste des Kulturmaschinen-Verlages für Veranstaltungen aus allen Kunstbereichen. Die Hinweise brauchen nichts mit dem Kulturmaschinen-Verlag zu tun zu haben. English: The Kulturmaschinen-Publishing-House list to inform about art events of any kind. The events do not need to be in connection with Kulturmaschinen.

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New Oz VFX

A list to discuss the prospect of starting up a new VFX (Visual Effects) company in Sydney, Australia.

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Leicas and the Southwest

Listing and describing your Leicas, M or R Are you working in film: digital or both. Have you been to Lamy? The 'Ghost Ranch'? The Four corners area?

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Amsterdam Project - Broadcast Video System - Shooting Video on Blue or Green Screen

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Liselotte's Mailing List

A list to keep you updated on my art, photos and costume pieces.

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Digital Humanities Singapore

This is an academic list with events and resources for Digital Humanities in Singapore.

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A forum of clear musings on arts, science and philosophy

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A CSIRO audio/visual documentary about bulling, corruption, fraud and other forms of inappropriate behaviour within Australia's premier scientific research organisation.

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Proceedings of the Čiscaucasus Xabarnāmā

A discussion list for Topics include photography, cinema, alternative and historic processes, digital photography, the zone system, CHDK, and Linux.

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Deux bouches, Une mouche

"2 bouches, Une mouche" is a french classical music group. The mailing list is intended to have discussion for the members of the group and to have a common email address for external contacts (for instance, people which want to hire the group)

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Eric Swehla 1st grade Rieke class

This is the mailing list for the class to share info/pictures and ideas about the class

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Commission Openings

Newsletter for those interested in obtaining art from WFA Homepage:

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Forum For Utstallare

Forum for Utstallare is a Swedish network for persons working with production and design of exhibitions and a forum for questions related to the development of the exhibition as a medium. The list is closed for members only.

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Stopp Sen Fix - Mörkrum och Analogfoto Västerbotten

Stopp Sen Fix är ett kommunikationsmedel för enthusiaster av mörkrum och analogfoto i Västerbotten med fokus i Umeå. Stopp Sen Fix is a platform of communication for enthusiasts of darkroom and analog photography in Västerbotten, Umeå.

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Discussions on the development of the vfxDesktop software.

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hugin and other free pano software

Discussion group about hugin and other free software useful for creation of panoramic images.

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El Cosmonauta (wingmen)

El Cosmonauta (The Cosmonaut) is a Sci-Fi feature film produced by crowd-funding. It is licenced as Creative Commons so anyone can edit it, copy it, remix it and share it. This group is destinated to connect all those people willing to collaborate with the film in more than one way.

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Inspired Knits

Newsletter. Finds reltaing to crafts, and online patterns, also inrormation about blogging and coding for blogs, as well as widgits, and plug-ins.

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Clovis HS Band Boosters

This is for the Clovis HS Band Boosters announcements and information.

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Gestaltung Medialer Umgebungen

The chair Gestaltung Medialer Umgebungen at the Bauhaus University in Weimar is using this List to interconnect students, staff and alumni of the media arts department.

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the whole self

A fortnightly email linked to the whole self website ( An exclusive subscriber only photograph and some food for thought.

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Club Fotografic Carlet

A list for mailing to people around Carlet and interested in Photography Una llista per a enviar correus a persones al voltant de Carlet interessades en la Fotografia

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Zwelf Development

Developer mailing list for Zwelf

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Leica Reflex System Forum

Forum discussing the merits of Leica Reflex cameras film and digital, lenses, accessories and the photographs taken with them.

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Kolagnpara cousines

discussions on various topics including arts, literature, policy etc. A group of people wishes and working to change world in a theoretical and practical level in our locality. By working on a portal for independent media platform in our local language, we think we can achieve the goals.

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Creative Writing Studies Organization

Creative Writing - discussions about the practice, pedagogy, and research in and critical approaches to creative writing.

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Beyond Reality Costumers' Guild

This list has been created to help members and friends of the Beyond Reality Costumers'Guild, a local chapter of the International Costumers' Guild, stay in touch and communicate with fellow costuming enthusiasts who are affilliated with the guild. Beyond Reality Costumers' Guild (BRCG) is located in the Greater Puget Sound region of Washington State, USA.

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The Killing Kompany Newsletter

Welcome to THE KILLING KOMPANY and the world of interactive audience participation murder mystery dinner theatre shows, where, for over 24 years, professional Broadway, TV and film actors are seated among you and at any time you may wind up part of the plot. Don't worry - you don't have to learn any lines or do anything other than be yourself and have fun. But be careful - "evidence" may be created in our mystery dinner shows in which you are made a suspect! So not only do you get to dine and dance at one of the finest restaurants in your area, but you also get a murder mystery dinner show where you get to solve the crime and match wits with the detective! And prizes will be awarded to the winners! Our casts are located in New York City (and Los Angeles) and perform for private events around the world! Our open to the public murder mystery dinner theatre shows are based in the NY/NJ area. Each month, we send out announcements of our upcoming public shows but if you need any further information on public or private events, you can email us at "" or call us at 1 888 SHOOT-EM and, of course, don't forget to visit us at our web site at!

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Rebecca Zawodniak Art

I will use this emailing list to inform my subscribers of events involving me. I've won in the Grange Fair and over the county.

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Amalgama de palabras

Personas que discutirán sobre poesía y literatura. La lista permitirá difundir eventos de discusión, presentación y lectura de poemasy narraciones People who will discuss poetry and literature. The list will allow to broadcast events of discussion, presentation and reading of poems and narrations

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Going Green Beans

This mailing list is to update subscribers about my websites and its new paintings, new blogs, or new content on my webpage.

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Rust Temple Mailing List

Discussion and announcements about the community artist space in Easthampton Mass.

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Fun, exciting, blog posts

Artificial Nirvana, is a fresh cutting edge blog and we're developing a mailing list of subscribers, who wish to be thoroughly entertained a few times a month.

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Moby Dickheads

A mailing list regarding the new animation film project "Moby Dickheads" of second year students of the classical and computer animatin course at the BCFE, Dublin.

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Anthony Cawood

Irregular mailings from the screenwriter Anthony Cawood

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Newsletter O Kazoo

This list let you discover each month a sample of the artistic shows that the "O'Kazoo" company produce (shows for young audiences, magical shows, musical bands, theatre...).

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Burbank News Weekly Update

A weekly update of all the news in the wonderful city of Burbank

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IASL Information Literacy SIG

This listserv is a platform for communication among the chairs of the IASL Information Literacy SIG.

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We are a music school located on the french riviera and organized as an association, which goal is to promote the learning of playing musical instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano, singing), especially for kids. We have a team of 9 teachers and more than 300 students. We also organize/animate/contribute to events like concerts, hospital animations, high school demonstrations,...(see The goal of this list is for us to communicate easily and efficiently with our members to send to them informations about the school, appointments for our meetings, share the latest news and so on.

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