h2b2: Support Committee to H2B2

This list will allow cameroonians (locally and abroad) to be inform about the trial with a cameroonian inventor against a multinational (Bollor�). The cameroonian invets a system, and now, Bollore want it.

Cameroon is a small country in Central Africa, and Bollore is big international company. The battle is David againts Goliath here, and people want to be able to discuss about this trial.

The blog to explain what going on is http://www.20mai.net/h2b2. We have a petititon there, which have 120 signatures in 2 days (Yes, Cameroon is smaller than USA).

We set this list to allow the defender to inform the cameroonians (especially those abroad, living in France, US, Canada, Germany) about this affair, and make them support him.

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