computer-tips-for-reprint: Computer Tips for Reprint

Webmasters and Publishers, please take note. This group has been created with you in mind.

Writer's who submit their content here would be very happy for you to reprint their content in your website or newsletter.

Our writer's create articles, tips and tutorials on subjects that would be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about how to use their computer more effeciently. The free reprint materials submitted to this group can be reprinted on your websites and in your newsletters without cost.

The material we will cover is intended to assist the beginner to the experienced webmaster, programmer or technician.

We do not accept content aimed at marketing a website, but we Do Accept content relevant to programming in HTML, XML, CSS, RSS, CGI, Perl, PHP, or ASP.

We do not accept content aimed at providing techniques to market through email, but we Do Accept tutorials on how to deal with the technology of email.

We do not accept content directed to selling webhosting services, but we Do Accept tips and tutorials on how to manage a webserver.

If this is the kind of content that you are in the market for, then you need to be subscribed to this group.