Amsivarier is a group of 8 men which is a part of the " Kivelinge" and "Bürgerschützen" to honor and celebrate traditional ways of the city Lingen (Ems)..

The origin of the Kivelinge based on an event from the 14th Century. When fighting between the Count of Tecklenburg and the Bishop of Münster the male population Lingens was so decimated that the defense as a last resort , the young , unmarried young people of the city were called to the ramparts . By supporting the young warrior was able to prevent the capture of the fortress Lingen and beat the attacker to flee. It is believed that the name " Kiveling " has through this incident originated . It is the diminutive of Middle High German word " kiven " , which means fighting or arguing means (ie : Little fighter , little fighter ) .

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to cover these operations gray past through documents , as in a fire in 1548 almost all written records were lost and so much is known only from oral traditions . A first written evidence of the existence of " Borgerkynder ", " young Schutthen " or " Vrygesellen " as the Kivelinge were also called, are found in the city bills the 1557 / 1558th