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Ponyriders Open Source Development

A list about software development, find us at

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Please visit for 50+ articles. Here is the snippet from the vision... " Our agenda is ambitious, but have decided to stay with it, however ridiculous it may be now. To start with we'll be concentrating fully on Solution Engineering and Distributed Application Architecture. Our approach to it would be to simplify and clarify the motivation behind each principle and practice. "

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Mailing list discussion for UwTerminalX

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This mailing list is for the team coolsoft developing the software engineering course project CSEN603 for this semester !...It's intended for component 1 of the team !

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NorthStar Users

Discussing list for users of the NorthStar IP Management System

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Deque Ramp Ascend Beta

Support and Communications for beta testers of Deque Ramp Ascend

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Recieving and Sending audio data from remote machine via a virtual audio driver to usermode application.

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Software Developement @ UWE

Issues relating to software development within UWE campus

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Anyk Programming Language

Mailing list for Anyk Programming Language

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Smart Card Project

This list is for developers working on the smart card project at IP University.

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Agile Cocktails

Welcome! If you've attended at least one AgileCocktails meetup at then you're in the right place. Use this list to stay in touch with other participants after a call - you can exchange resources, connect with others, even ask for advice. Bonus: there are surely more people on this list than were in your call. Be well, Deb and Steve PS: this is not our newsletter mailing list! Sign up for that one at

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Thunderbird Discussion List (test)

This _may_ become a list for discussing the Thunderbird project, but for now it is a test of the FreeLists platform.

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yourTime Development

yourTime is a tool that helps logging and analyzing what you spend your time for. This mailing list is a place for development related discussions and announcements - it's basically a primary communication tool for yourTime development community. You're welcome to join and be useful. The project is hosted at

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Publius users

Software support for publius

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A list for software development discussion.

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