Software Development

Programming, design, theory, user support groups, product-specific newsletters

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Automatic notification of commits done to the open source Skycastle game project (

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Bif Development

Discussion list for developers and early adopters of the bif distributed project management tool:

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PolicyBrains Modelers

This list is to facilitate communication between tax-calculator, og-usa, b-tax, TaxData, taxpuf, and webapp-public

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Software platform to prevent voting fraud in Argentina

This list's primary objective is to discuss and support the development an open-source software platform to aid in preventing voting fraud in Argentina (and possibly other countries). All ideas and helping hands are welcome. This platform will make use of smartphones, open APIs and other tools make control tasks as transparent and open as possible.

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picotm Development

This is the premier list for discussing development of and with picotm. picotm is a system-level transaction manager. See

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Dynamic window manager with support for Wayland.

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Twilight GUI devel

See the project homepage for info on twilight GUI wrapper.

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A list for developers and people interested in the development process of SiGIME - a free and open source portuguese web application for invoicing and multiple enterprise management. More info about SiGIME is available at .

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SonarQube C++ community plugin related discussions

This mailing list should serve as: - facility for development coordination of the OSS project SonarQube Communinity C++ Plugin ( - The ultimate link to the user community of the mentioned SonarQube plugin.

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Lista para Sistema Operativo Haiku

Esta lista es para los usuarios y programadores del sistema operativo Haiku. This is a mailing list for Spanish -speaking users and developers of the Haiku Operating System.

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Revue de presse TI par FB

Veille TI sommaire sous forme de revues de presse selon la perspective d'un développeur d'applications intéressé par les tendances en programmation, développement de systèmes et méthodologies de développement. Sujets étudiés:techniques SQL Server, sécurité, infonuagique, langages de programmation, outils et méthodologies de développement. Fréquence de publication: 6-10 fois par année. *** IT media reviews from the perspective of a government agency’s application developer interested in programming, systems development, development methodologies and trends. Researched subjects include: SQL Server techniques, security, cloud computing, programming languages, development tools and methodologies. Publish frequency: 6-10/year

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Пощенски списък за нуждите на превеждащите Kodi - и няколко от наличните добавки на български език. Превеждането се осъществява в Transifex:

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C#/.NET nanomsg mailing list

Mailing list for all things pertaining to C#/.NET wrappers around the nanomsg messaging framework.

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Mailing List For Project mutator

Mailing list for the mutator project, a C code mutator,Misra-C checker and code transformation tool written using the Clang frontend(LibTooling) as a stand-alone in C++. You Can post anything mutator-related on here. for the time-being the list is open

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Hemera is a project to develop a distribuited agents framework, fully portable and opensource written in python. It's not vaporware, check out the source code at

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