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Ophthalmic Photography & Imaging Mailing List

Ophthalmic Photography & Imaging Mailing List.

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Vorstandsmitglieder der GSNP e. V. (

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Pallium India Newsletter

Newsletter from Pallium India, a registered charitable trust formed to fulfill the need for a stable organization working at the national level to fight for needs of the suffering millions on India who are in need of pain relief and palliative care. Most of the trustees are people who have done pioneering work in the field of palliative care in the country. Pallium India seeks to start palliative care facilities, to expand facilities where they exist and to start rehabilitation services for families of patients afflicted by cancer. It also undertakes activities at the national level to ensure availability of opioids. Education and quality assurance in palliative care are other major goals of the organization.

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Radiology Education News

A mailing list that notifies physicians of new radiology educational resources on the Internet. This mailing list operates in support of the and digital libraries.

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This mailing list is for members of Croatian Society for preventive and social pediatrics (HDPSP) We will discuss news about vaccine, pediatric topics and new inventions that can improve preventive care of children and treatment of our patients.

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Pediatric Education News

A mailing list that notifies physicians of new pediatric cases on the digital library.

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Zdruzenje za pediatrijo

List will be used to distribute news about latest advancements in pediatric treatment to members of Slovenia Paediatric Society. Invitations to various lessons about new simulation centers, drug and genetic research studies represent bulk of this lists traffic.

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This mailing list will be used to distribute military health system (MHS) related news, information and assistance to active duty and retired military personnel and their families. Information disseminated by this mailing list will be used to enhance MHS beneficiaries understanding of new technological advances, system changes and other updates which will aid in active duty and retired beneficiaries gaining a better understanding of the MHS.

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Anathomy recovery Course

This maling list is creatrd by Naples FedericoII University students. The goal is having info about lessons timetables.

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Kada organization

KADA stands for (Korean American Dental Association). This association was formed to exchange ideas regarding dental advancements and practice among Korean Americans. The associations also sponsors lectures and continued education seminars. The email list will provide a means to distribute the information and a forum for email communication (exchange).

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Used to distribute Medicare and TRICARE For Life (TFL) related information and assistance to retired military personnel and their families. Personnel interested in TRICARE For Life (TFL) related information are retired military personnel who are on Medicare. Although all changes in military health system (MHS) technology don't always affect them, some changes do. Also, changes in MEDICARE technology and procedures directly affect TFL beneficiaries. This mailing list will be used to ensure TFL and MEDICARE related information, etc., are made available to retired military personnel.

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This is a list where the Cuban medical student community will discuss the medical issues as well as the latest available technology and dissimilar diseases and their cure.  

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The Health Group

The Health Group's goal is promote health and healing of the group's members through references to books, videos, articles and email support of the membership

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Depressions-Selbsthilfegruppe Mannheim - Local Depression Support Group

This depression self-support group comes together in Mannheim, Germany.

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East Anglia Small Animal Medicine Collaborative Group

An email list for the East Anglia Small Animal Internal Medicine Collabortive Group to organise meetings

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