Technology in medicine, genetics, support groups

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Ophthalmic Photography & Imaging Mailing List

Ophthalmic Photography & Imaging Mailing List.

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ICSB Cranio Abschluss 2016

Group mail of the graduated therapist in biodynamic craniosacral therapy 2016 CH (ICSB, International Institute craniosacral balancing)

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Quality-of-Life-Recorder and AnyQuest for Windows

This mailing-list is intended to serve as a discussion forum for users of an electronic questionnaire platform: the Quality-of-Life Recorder with AnyQuest for Windows. This generic computer based questionnaire platform, which can be integrated into existing infrastructure, may make questionnaire application more feasible than traditional paper questionnaires. Topics discussed on this list might include: Technical: Which computers and operating systems to use, how to set them up in a practice or in a hospital, how to prepare configurations according to one's own requirements, how to optimize its use in multiple unconnected centers, how to generate one's own electronic questionnaires with the system, how to set up a secure WLAN connection, how to configure existing practice software/hospital software for data exchange with the system, how to integrate the electronic questionnaires with database solutions, how to use built in analysis tools, how to export results into statistical analysis software, how to set up live analysis and results monitoring software? Practical use: Which questionnaires can be used what for, how is questionnaire administration integrated into practical routine, how are patients invited to fill in questionnaires, how do they respond, which results do occur, and how are results discussed and put into use? Related information is already available at I hope that this discussion list becomes a good addition, beneficial for users and technical supporters alike. Two lists are actually provided, in two languages, for German speaking and for international users: German. English. More information:

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PID Konzultacio

consultation about interesting cases, difficulties, diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in the field of immunology, primary immunodeficiencies for pediatricians and other immunologist collegues in Hungary

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Radiology Education News

A mailing list that notifies physicians of new radiology educational resources on the Internet. This mailing list operates in support of the and digital libraries.

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Kada organization

KADA stands for (Korean American Dental Association). This association was formed to exchange ideas regarding dental advancements and practice among Korean Americans. The associations also sponsors lectures and continued education seminars. The email list will provide a means to distribute the information and a forum for email communication (exchange).

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Zdruzenje za pediatrijo

List will be used to distribute news about latest advancements in pediatric treatment to members of Slovenia Paediatric Society. Invitations to various lessons about new simulation centers, drug and genetic research studies represent bulk of this lists traffic.

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Hawaii Island Local Area Consortia

An announcement & discussion forum to support members of the four Local Area Consortia (LAC: East Hawaii, Kau, West Hawaii, North Hawaii) in their work to address disparities in perinatal health on Hawaii Island. This list supplements regular meetings of the LACs, in order to support and expand maternal & child health in our communities island-wide. Members come from public agencies, private nonprofits, businesses, and communities, with a desire to contribute to healthy mothers & babies.

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This mailing list is for members of Croatian Society for preventive and social pediatrics (HDPSP) We will discuss news about vaccine, pediatric topics and new inventions that can improve preventive care of children and treatment of our patients.

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Pediatric Education News

A mailing list that notifies physicians of new pediatric cases on the digital library.

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This mailing list will be used to distribute military health system (MHS) related news, information and assistance to active duty and retired military personnel and their families. Information disseminated by this mailing list will be used to enhance MHS beneficiaries understanding of new technological advances, system changes and other updates which will aid in active duty and retired beneficiaries gaining a better understanding of the MHS.

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Pallium India Newsletter

Newsletter from Pallium India, a registered charitable trust formed to fulfill the need for a stable organization working at the national level to fight for needs of the suffering millions on India who are in need of pain relief and palliative care. Most of the trustees are people who have done pioneering work in the field of palliative care in the country. Pallium India seeks to start palliative care facilities, to expand facilities where they exist and to start rehabilitation services for families of patients afflicted by cancer. It also undertakes activities at the national level to ensure availability of opioids. Education and quality assurance in palliative care are other major goals of the organization.

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Anathomy recovery Course

This maling list is creatrd by Naples FedericoII University students. The goal is having info about lessons timetables.

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Cross-Hospital Analytics & Intelligence Team

Victorian Hospital Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Analysts working group discussion list.

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Used to distribute Medicare and TRICARE For Life (TFL) related information and assistance to retired military personnel and their families. Personnel interested in TRICARE For Life (TFL) related information are retired military personnel who are on Medicare. Although all changes in military health system (MHS) technology don't always affect them, some changes do. Also, changes in MEDICARE technology and procedures directly affect TFL beneficiaries. This mailing list will be used to ensure TFL and MEDICARE related information, etc., are made available to retired military personnel.

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FIMMG Livorno

The mailing list of which I ask the opening, already 'present on another platform, is the group discussion of FIMMG (Federation of General Practitioners) in Livorno. Practice which constitute the first threshold of intervention against the population. In this mailing list, along with trade union issues, they will discuss topics ranging from new diseases and combined intelligent use of pharmaceutical products, as well as the use of new information technologies applied to medicine. The number of members of that list is 230 units and I think that is unlikely to exceed 300 units'.

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WFM/SAB (Disc)

A discussion list for the Science Advisory Board of Lifestyle Medicine

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Bootsausbilder Wasserwacht Hessen

This list is dedicated to rescue vessel-related issues.

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Listserver for medical and admin staff running the innovative, award winning application of hi-tech medicine in the swampy lowlands of primary care.

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Ambulatory Care Preceptors

This listserv serves to facilitate discussion among preceptors who offer Ambulatory Care rotations for Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy. Preceptors can ask questions about activities/assignments, rubrics, grading, or any other general preceptor support.

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Community Preceptors

This listserv serves to facilitate discussion among preceptors who offer Community and Retail rotations for Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy. Preceptors can ask questions about activities/assignments, rubrics, grading, or any other general preceptor support.

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List for alumni and current members of the University of Windsor Student Medical Response Service to discuss training, upcoming events, service requirements, and first aid/cpr classes.

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AUB Nephrology Group

A network of AUBites practicing or training in Nephrology in Lebanon and the US

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MOCARE Leaders

This list is for a collaborative of pediatricians in Missouri. The group is called MOCARE (Missouri Collaborative for Advocacy and Resident Education). The purpose of the 'MOCARE Leaders' list, in particular, is for the physicians to keep in contact to push forward the advocacy initiatives in the state that will impact and benefit children and families throughout Missouri.

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Acute Care Preceptors

A listserv of preceptors at PCSP that offer Acute Care APPEs. This listserv may be used to exchange tricks and tips for APPEs, share rubrics and evaluations or any other matters related to Acute Care APPEs.

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Internos Anestesiologia Portugueses

Network of portuguese anesthesiology medical residents/trainees. This mailing list is intended for communication of trainee iniciatives, news and congress or courses of interest to portuguese anesthesiology trainees. This list is maintained by the portuguese anesthesiology trainee network.

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RedCrea Reproductive Medicine is a company with 3 clinics in Mexico City and Cuernavaca, especializing in helping couples with infertility problems to finally have baby at home. This list is to send to interested couples a monthly newsletter with contents about family life, total health, infertility treatments and getting pregnant help.

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Montclair State University Emergency Medical Services Announcements

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SORk Members

Members of the Society of Radiography in Kenya

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Clinical Director

Willingness To Change is a non-profit organization committed to individuals and families to improve their quality of life by addressing addiction and it’s related problems.

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Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Scientific and visionary discussion group on Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine (CAIM)

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JUH RV Ostwürttemberg

Diese Liste ist zum Austausch und für Informationen innerhalb der JUH, Regionalverband Ostwürttemberg. --------------------------------------- This list is for intended for information and discussion purposes for the members of the Order of St. John First Aid Services Section in the region of Ostwuerttemberg, Germany

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NPC-QIC Nurses

This list is for nurses associated with the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative to communicate with one another.

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Nurses Special Interest Group

This is the special interest group's discussion portal for all the nurses and those in the related field in Melbourne.

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Committee SWIFT Medics

Email list of the committee of the charity SWIFT Medics

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KMN Research List

Mailing list discussing about medical research among KMN health professionals

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Crater EMS AHA Instructors

This list has all Crater Community AHA ACLS Instructors

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Sabah Snake Grass Book Update

Sabah Snake Grass is a plant that being reported to cure cancer and inflammation related illness. This list is to keep subscriber updated on the Sabah Snake Grass - Saved from Cancer Book, a bilingual (CN-EN) book that contains background information, user testimonials, newspaper clippings and related websites. The book available on for free download.

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WOPEC Postgraduate Discussion Group

Email discussion group for WOPEC postgrad students

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ETP-Founders and Trainers

This list is for those trained or becoming trained to provide training and consultation for those who wish to be trained in the Early Trauma Protocol.

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ABM GP OOH Management Team

ABM GP OOH Management Team Leading the way in unscheduled care Management of over 150 primary care physicians in hi-tech hospital environments, providing cutting edge medical care in ambulatory settings, using advance and wireless IT

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Stamningsforum, epostlista

This email list is in Swedish, and is intended for active professionals working with the speech problem stuttering, in clinic or in research. The main focus is professionals in Sweden, but it will be open also for professionals from other countries who understand Swedish.

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Society of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons Discussion List

Discussion of all aspects of veterinary practice management, for members of the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons

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Forum about otolaryngological questions

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USANA Burwood

Mailing list for USANA Burwood health and freedom meetings.

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diapaeto project

this mailning list is design in order to discuss the follow up of the meeting early diagnosis of hereditary angioedema in tuscany area.

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Pandemic Preparedness Updates

Pandemic Flu Information Updates 2009-2010 Flu Season

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Indian Dentistry Online

A daily discussion group for BITEIN. This discussion group is for dentists of Indian origin and practicing in India. The group will be only discussing dentistry related subjects like case diagnosis, treatment planning, dental equipment queries and so on and so forth. The list is managed by myself. I am a dentist practicing in India and known throughout the country.

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Evaluating Cancer Survivorship Care Models Advisory Board listserv

Listserv for the Evaluating Cancer Survivorship Care Models GW study team and Community Advisory Board members.

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Vapaata keskustelua näkövammaisuudesta ja apuvälineistä. Free discussion about visual impairment and adaptive technology.

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