Technology in medicine, genetics, support groups

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Disability access of the future, a list to discuss a blog about technology to allow independence of those of us with disablities

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Children's Transport Nursing Group

The aim of the Children's Transport Nursing Group is to link together nurses who have an interest in neonatal and paediatric transport and retrieval. The mailing list can be used to share news and information; discuss policies, processes and equipment; communicate job vacancies, study days and conferences; request advice; share links to media reports; tell a story; and anything else - as long as it is relevant to neonatal and paediatric transport and is communicated in a friendly and inclusive manner.

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BGN Health Group

Mailing list for persons involved in the BGN/SEIT health projects

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List for alumni and current members of the University of Windsor Student Medical Response Service to discuss training, upcoming events, service requirements, and first aid/cpr classes.

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SORk Members

Members of the Society of Radiography in Kenya

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H.E.R.A. - Health Eduvation Research Ass.

Usage of internet to inform members of organization about things going on within it. The organization deals with HIV/AIDS.

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Metabolic Syndrome Medicine Doctors Mailling list About he Latest news on the subjects of Diabetes,Hypertension and Metabolic Syndrome...

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This list is mainly for administrative/technical discussion about maintaining said website and related Internet resources, primarily in Hungarian language. A es kapcsolod Internetes eroforrasok mukodtetesenek technikai reszleteivel foglalkozo lista.

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Internado Ob/Gyn - Medicina 2014 UCSC

Lista de correo de los internados de Obstetricia, ginecología y medicina interna. Universidad Catolica de la santisima concepción 2014 Mailing list of internees Obstetrics, gynecology and internal medicine. Catholic University of the Holy Conception 2014

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Pandemic Preparedness Updates

Pandemic Flu Information Updates 2009-2010 Flu Season

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health and social services - m5s Sicily

This list will host discussions for the "health and social services" commission of the Sicilian regional branch of the 5 stars movement. This includes regional health policies, medical and social service issues, and topics concerning public hospitals, health offices, pharmacies, assistance to the impaired.

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RS Global Medika

Basically this list created to discuss anything about health life and information to all staff, and patient who were a member of Global Medika Hospital in Indonesia including medical treatment, surgery, medicine, pharmacy, work progress, facilty,funds and healthcare.

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Austrian veterinary information

Generall information about animal health. Newsletter and discussion for austrian veterinary.

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Baltic Sea Region Primary Health Care Network for applied Research & Development

This is a mailing list for the participants in the Network for applied Research and Development in Primary Health care in the Baltic Sea Region

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Lane County Veterinary Medical Association

This is the listserv for the Lane County Veterinary Medical Association members. It is a closed list used to for communication and discussion amongst members about current events and activities.

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