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Leipziger Spiele-Szene | Gaming Scene in Leipzig, Germany

Vernetzung der Leipziger Computerspiele-Szene: Entwickler, Journalisten, KŁnstler, Dozenten. Koordination von Veranstaltungen, vor allem des monatlichen Stammtisches.

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56RAF Firebirds virtual squadron

email list for use by 56 RAF virtual squadron when playing games

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Bloomington-Normal CITW

Stuff that the Bloomington-Normal chapter of CITW is doing. Minis, board games, whatever.

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BF Utah Group

List for nightly BF4 group.

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USS Atlantis Star Trek Online Simulations

A mailing list for members of the USS Atlantis Star Trek Simulation.

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Stoddard - AD&D Campaign

This is the 1st Ed. AD&D Campaign based upon the alternative plane of Stoddard.

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Traveller 5th Second Survey

A discussion group about the Traveller 5th Second Survey, a group to review and update the stellar and system information for the Traveller Map and the Traveller Wiki.

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The GameProgrammer.Com mailing list is for the open discussion of any topic related to the art, science, and business, of programming games. This list is especially tolerant of beginners. We were all beginners once.

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Odamex Bug Reporter

A "mailing list" where developers of the Odamex Doom-based engine ( can subscribe and get alerts to new bugs being filed (and potentially follow-ups) so that we don't always have to assign an actual person as the default bug reportee.

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CityLookSweden mailinglist

Sign up for messege from CityLookSweden about 15 min before im going online. Im playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 online and stream on Twitch and Youtube. This is a way to inform followers in good time before im online to help them watching me drive trucks.

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TacBF - Tactical Battlefield

Annoncement of upcoming MP games and updates of the mod.

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We are a group of Bridge (A card game) players that meet weekly at Reform in London.

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To promote and develop chess among Indian chess players

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A group of gamers where Thetan Arena is discussed

Mailing list for like-minded gamers and enthusiasts that share tips and tricks on Thetan Arena.

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K113OMSI-sivuston uutiskirje

K113OMSI-sivuston ( uutiskirje. (Newsletter for site that concerns on some bus simulator game.)

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