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Free PSP Game

Monthly email containing link to download free psp game courtesy of

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University of Manitoba Gamers Association, a collection of gamers (people who enjoy video games on both console machines and computers) who has formed a group to discuss and play said video games.

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List devoted to a wee group of on-line gaming friends. Subjects to include configuration and evaluation of hardware for gaming purposes, coordination of group efforts in on-line games, evaluation, configuration, and operation of voice-chat-over-IP software, setup and configuration of small private gaming networks to the internet, configuration of controls in games, coordination of on-line strategy, etc.

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Fantacalcio Cremona

Mailing list for the Fantacalcio community in Cremona, a fantasy game based on soccer.

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Rockville (MD) Gamers

News for supporters of boardgaming in Rockville, and more specifically for the 7pm Friday night gaming at the Rockville United Church at 355 Linthicum.

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St. Stephen Orthodox Church Gamers Group

A list for members and friends of St. Stephen Orthodox Church in Lakewood,FL to converse and share the excitement of online gaming. This list is for you if you enjoy PC, Mac, Xbox, or Playstation. If you want to discuss computers and other geeky stuff that is welcome also.

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London Law Users

This list is for users of the London Law online board game. Topics should include technical support questions, development discussions, and requests for gaming buddies.

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Administrators, Moderators and selected members of the community can read "contact admin" mails from and communicate about site issues. --Details:-- hosts content for the games Cube, Sauerbraten, AssaultCube and BloodFrontier ... small MODs, CubeScript addons for these games and maps and other media to enhance the game. We need to keep competitions organized and MODs supported; people contribute roughly to what their interests and technical know-how permits ... and of course time ;-) The drupal CMS on which the site is - more or less - running constantly requires adminstrative and code-fixing intervention - this way the audience is broadened.

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USS Concordia - ST PbEM RPG

Mailinglist for the PbEM RPG aboard the USS Concordia. The USS Concordia is a trans warp capable starship that was build in an joint venture between the UFP and the Romulan Starempire.

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A low volume Roleplaying game. The list keeps a game a Runequest that we used to play when we were 17 face to face alive. We've been playing for about 20 years. We currently have another list provider but they are closing down. Not real satanworship. Honest.

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GameDev Leipzig

E-Mail Verteiler des GameDev Leipzig für die Verkündung neuer Events und Meetups, zum Finden und Vorstellen von Projekten und Teilen von interessanten Infos.

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EiA Greek

A small band of players, mostly from Greece, trying to play through the classic Avalon Hill strategy board game "Empires in Arms". We are playing the grand campaign of 1805-1815, recreating the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte

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Linux Gaming List

Mailing list dedicated to linux gaming.

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FG Improvements Project

The FG Improvements Project's group mailing list.

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Gran Turismo Endurance League (GTEL)

From the race directors desk: Season-, race- and event announcements, news and results for GTEL and TCRT online racing teams.

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