Can the archive be disabled or protected?

The archiving of a list can't be disabled. Please read about our mission and purpose and try to understand that your archives are important to the community. They aren't a privacy risk – we obfuscate all email addresses to circumvent the SPAMmer-crawling-the-site problem.

If you feel that the information your subscribers post on the list shouldn't be publicly available in the archives, please consider the following:

  • Email isn't by itself a secure medium. Should you be using email at all for these things?
  • Anonymity can certainly be important, but this has nothing to do with archived emails.
  • If you wish to keep information private, perhaps FreeLists isn't the best fit for your group?

That said, a password can be set on any list archive via the Portal Administrator on the Login page. Consider the following:

  • Once one is set, it can't be removed without intervention from a FreeLists Staff member.
  • To discourage the use of archive passwords, your support options with us will be limited.
  • Your list will be something of a second-class citizen. It will automatically fall at the bottom of our list rankings, which determine what lists appear in searches and such. Future changes at FreeLists may make your list even less desireable.
  • The feature may be removed at any point in the future.

Please think twice before password-protecting your list's archive.

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