[windows2000] Re: RIS Image problem

  • From: "Martin, Eddie" <EMartin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 13:51:16 -0500

We tried the OEM Drivers KB Article and still it does not fix it.  We have
tried using a boot floppy as well, and this doesn't work either.  We are now
going to try and send up Windows 2000 professional without any service packs
to see if it works.  If so, that means in our situation at least, that the
RIS Server will only send down images of Windows OS's that do not contain
any service packs.  :-(




From: Lane, Mark [mailto:MDL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [windows2000] Re: RIS Image problem


Are you using OEM drivers?  (KB246184)

Is BIOS up to date?  (KB247983)

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From: Martin, Eddie [mailto:EMartin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [windows2000] RIS Image problem

Hello all,


We are trying to get a RIS setup going for our XP and Windows 2000 machines.
We tried uploading an image of Windows XP SP1 and after uploading it we were
not able to bring it down to a machine.  We then uploaded a Windows XP
without any service packs and it came down without a problem.  So we figured
it's a problem with RIS and XP SP1.  We then tried to upload Windows 2000
SP4 and bring it down.  It went up fine, but when we try and bring it down,
it boots into the setup and then right after it tells you if you want to
delete all information from the drive and continue, a message appears
stating that the network card drivers that are installed for the image up on
the server, are not the same drivers for the machine that it is bringing it
down to.  We checked and they are the same network card and the same
drivers.  Any reason why this message would appear if they are the same?


Thanks for your help in advance,


Eddie @ Bridgecom 


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