[TechAssist] WTD: Amana/Maytag MW Control Panel (used OK)

WTD: Amana / Maytag microwave oven control panel assembly (20 series time=
they call it) and used is okay if it's good.

My original model is RCR1020, but it seems that any of these Amana  / May=
models will work:

 BL20M   =

 BZ22QE   =

 MVH-920   =

 RR720   =

 BL20N   =

 BZ22QL   =

 RCC1020   =

 RR-820   =

 BX20M   =

 BZ22QW   =

 RCR1020   =

 RR920   =

 BX20N   =

 CRRL920   =

 RCR720   =

 RRL1020   =

 BZ20QE   =

 MVH-1020   =

 RO-1020   =

 RRL820   =

 BZ20QG   =

 MVH-720   =

 RR1020       =

 RRL920   =


Please reply to prototech@xxxxxxx with your postage-paid price.


William E. Miller, ASEET
Indiana USA

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