[slackintosh-users] Slackintosh 11.0 has been released


We are proud to announce that Slackintosh 11.0 has been released!

Slackintosh 11.0 includes Linux with glibc 2.3.6, KDE 3.5.4
and much more. The installation-cd also includes two bootable 64bit kernels [1]

[Switzerland] http://slackintosh.workaround.ch/pub/slackintosh/11.0-iso/
[Switzerland] rsync://workaround.ch/rspub/.releases/11.0-iso/ (Max. 32 
connections; be nice!)
[Hungary    ] ftp://ftp.slackintosh.hu/pub/Slackintosh/11.0-iso/
[BitTorrent ] http://slackintosh.workaround.ch/pub/rsync/.releases/11.0-torrent/
                (No idea if BT works as i'm the onlyone seeding ;-) )

Packages / Slapt-Get sources:
[Switzerland] http://slackintosh.workaround.ch/pub/slackintosh/11.0/
[Switzerland] rsync://workaround.ch/rspub/.releases/11.0
[Hungary    ] ftp://ftp.slackintosh.hu/pub/Slackintosh/11.0/

Checkout http://slackintosh.workaround.ch/pub/slackintosh/11.0/README.TXT for
Release-Notes / Upgrade instructions.

Note to people still running Slackintosh 10.1 : Please upgrade
to 10.2 or 11.0 ASAP because we won't release any new patches/security-fixes
for Slackintosh 10.1.

Best regards,
 The Slackintosh-Team (Adrian & Marco)

1: 64bit support is still 'experimental' ; See

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