RE: Goodbye!

Why you ask? A number of reasons. Mostly, because I don't find computer work
interesting anymore. And geology fits in nicely with my caving. 

The final straw was my current job...I was offered a position as a Oracle
Apps developer/Apps dba/Oracle DBA and my first day on the job I was made a
M$ VB.NOT developer. 

And even though i'll be moving to a different field I will definately use my
computer skills in some manner. Whether that's my Oracle/DBA skills remains
to be seen, so you may not have not heard the last of me :->


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I admire you, Kevin, you dare to take the risk.

May I ask why? are you boring? btw, to share with you, sometimes I feel =
bored too, IT hmmm..., you must keep upgrading your skill, new versions, =
new OS, new architectures, peoplesoft oneday become oraclehard or =
whatever, tired of chasing the tech... tired of the chasing...

15 days (countdown)   lol.

All the best.

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