RE: CPU used by this Session and Wait time


> Why is Wait Time  = 3,189,073 so much greater than CPU 
> used by this session = 1,895,903

Mhmm... Because the database spent more time waiting for that event than on the 
CPU. It seams obvious. Or not?

> Is it because its Idle event?

A wait event it's a wait event. No mater if Oracle defines it as idle or not. 
And, therefore, an event is really idle only if it's not affecting the response 
time... i.e. idle events are not always idle ;-)

> Service time=1,895,903
> Wait Time= 3,189,073/44.09 = 72330.98
> Responce time= 1,895,903 + 72330.98= 1968233.98
> CPU Other=1,895,903-186,843- 1,066,217=642843 
>  =>642843/1968233.98*100= 32.6% 
> queue messages = 3,189,073/1968233.98*100=162% 

I hope the ML note is not providing that formulae. If yes, it is broken. 


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