Re: AWK for update INITIAL - Oracle

I haven't tried this.
echo $indexfile | sed /s/52428800/8124/g > outfile.

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Hi friends,

  I generated a file using imp / indexfile in order to know objects inside the 
  Then I saw that the initial value is too big to import it.

  How can I do an awk code in order to change the folloing string :

      from     INITIAL 52428800 FREELISTS
      to        INITIAL 8124 FREELISTS

  Note: in the indexfile has a lot of initial values different, so the awk must 
consider different values.

  I have this one, but I don't know how to get and change the old value (the next word 
after the word "INITIAL".


           cat lista1 | awk '{ sub(/INITIAL/, "INITIAL 8124"); print }'

Best Regards


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