[LRflex] Re: A couple of autumnal pictures

Thanks David,
you seem to be "bearing" up quite well too, all we get in the garden are 
frogs and an occasional hedgehog (that looks silly, I'm just imagining a 
hedgehog being used like an occasional table). BTW, just how dangerous 
are those big brown/black beasties?, I've read that they can be 
VERYunpredictable, and that they don't show any indicating signs of when 
they're about to get nasty.
At the moment trying out a "Zeinon". I picked up a couple of 50mm 
Planars 1,4 and 1,7, a 2,8/135 Sonnar and a Yashica 2,8/24mm at 
throw-away prices recently.
So far I think that the 1,7/50 and the 2,8/135 are at least Leica 
quality, if not a touch better, the 1,4/50 is fast and very good wide 
open. About the Yashica, I'm not sure yet, I haven't got round to doing 
some architectural shots with it yet..
The whole lot together for round about €200,
David Young wrote:

>Douglas Sharp wrote:
>>Hello all
>>Although it's been sunny all day they didn't manage to open up completely
>>http://gallery.leica-users.org/album150/MG_3005_edited_2  Tibouchina buds 1
>>http://gallery.leica-users.org/album150/MG_3006_edited_A Tibouchina buds 2
>Lovely, shots, both.  I think you've got this flower bit pegged, 
>Douglas.  Every one is consistently good!
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