[haiku] Haiku PowerPC builds

Good morning!

I've started throwing my PowerPC builds of Haiku onto my website, if anyone
having Apple PowerPC hardware laying around wants to test them please give
them a whirl and submit feedback on the PPC code! (My G4 is currently
unavailable for testing due to hardware issues unrelated to Haiku :( )

Please note that these are not *official* Haiku builds and are only meant
for developer / tinkerer use.


The tar archive consists of the following:
haiku_ppc-r31495/haiku.image             < Haiku gcc4 disk image for PPC
haiku_ppc-r31495/haiku-boot-cd-ppc.iso   < bootable haiku iso
haiku_ppc-r31495/haiku.cue               < cue to burn cd image as well as
haiku.image to a cd.

I've yet to be successful combining all of these onto a working self
contained cd although I have gotten the ppc code to boot in the past as
1) burn haiku-boot-cd-ppc.iso to a cd.
2) dd haiku.image to a usb stick.
3) plug the usb stick into your PowerPC machine and boot the cd.
4) the Haiku boot loader should see the usb stick as a bootable usb drive.



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