[dokuwiki] Re: Task 3 finished, patch attached

Matthias Grimm wrote:

On Wed, 18 May 2005 19:27:15 +0200
Matthias Grimm <matthiasgrimm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


3. Allow to show more than 20 changes in history

Job done. The attached patch adds a 'next' and a 'previous' button to the history page which allows to see more than one page of history data.

 Best Regards

euhm a silly question (while you are concerning about the code a ask a question about layout...)

Isn't it more logical to put the buttons next to eachother?? Because then, the page are less long... And almost everywhere you have a next and previous button, there placed next to eachother, so users are used to it, or am I wrong?


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