[argyllcms] Re: OT: random thought on display gamut

On Friday 01 January 2010 04:10:22 pm Graeme Gill wrote:
> Ben Goren wrote:
> > Second...is there any way to do this with Argyll? I have a couple ancient
> > laptops laying around that I keep meaning to turn into digital picture
> > frames. Would it be possible to use Argyll for the transformation and
> > display the un-modified un-tagged image on some generic free Unix-like
> > OS?
> Yes, of course. Simple setup appropriate scripts to run the images through
> imid/cctiff (although converting to/from TIFF is a bit of a pain in this
>  situation).
> A set of tools such as imagemagick would probably help, and they may even
> have enough color support that you don't actually need Argyll to apply
>  profiles, just to create appropriate profiles.

Imagemagick has the convert utility that will allow you to apply profiles to do 
a transform.  It uses lcms as the CM engine.

> Graeme Gill.

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