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I have come to my wits end.
Machine ran design the first run. 1 or 2 thread breaks. Started to run second 
running of design.
Now nothing but popping and thread breaks. 34 breaks in less than 20K stitches.
I have tried to increase and decrease thread feed. speed up machine slow down 
machine, loosen bobbin tighten bobbin. change thickness settings
Muslin materal ( wall hanging ) with heavy weight cut away backing. Metro 
Thread and Metro Bobbins
Its been running great until I started another running of the design...  also 
changed needles. no help

Nothin is workin.
2004 AMAYA
OS ver 5.07.056
Z-Run 849.35.48
188BIOS ROM 1.2
RSA 2.82
360BIOS ROM 1.5
CSA 1.64
DSP 00.08
MSP430 00.34
Z Axis Rotations 40350697

Please any suggestions. I have used default settings and went up 14 and down 14 
on thread feed. I have always run 2-3 materal thickness anything higher than 3 
I get bobbin breaks detection


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