[access-uk] Re: Casssettes in the post

Kevin chek out Brians article on the 1gb player.

From what i understand the 1 and 2 gig are the same but the 2gig in addition to it's increase in storage capacity has a screen?


Get someone to confirm this or make sure you can return it though.

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every year we get a large package from nationwide BS containing a lot of braille material relating to their AGM, along with a cassette copy. however they seem to find it impossible to provide our statements in braille! go figure! almost as daft as when i asked barclaycard for braille statements. they said that was possible, but i had to fill in a printed form! smile. must admit though, apart from the nationwide AGM material, i can't remember the last time i received a cassette in the post.
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 I get cassettes too but don't have a tape player either.

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   Hi there.

Does anyone else still get cassettes through the post periodicaly giving government information, Marks and Spencer catalogue, and the like?

I got another one today. But I don't have a cassette recorder any more to play them on. Not that I ever would have done in the first place I hasten to add. But they now seem doubly redundant.


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