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Techology-related hobbies and groups

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Harris Hill Soaring

Harris Hill Soaring is a flying club in Elmira, NY, which operates flight facilities for persons interested in the technology, skills, and lore of motorless flight. Through flight training and studies of aeronautical principles, members become FAA-certified glider (sailplane).

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Athens College Class of 1964

This is a list of alumni of the Greek American high school Athens College of the class of 1964. These alumni are in the professional and academic fields and a few reside in the USA.

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Texas Coalition of Buses

A mailing list for Volkswagen Type 2 automobile enthusiasts. Most of Us are located in Texas, but ALL Volkswagen Type 2 automobile enthusiasts are welcome. The discussion to include the technological advancements made in the auto industry by the Volkswagen Type 2 during it's history. Info will be offered on how to repair and upgrade Volkswagen Type 2 vehicles for better performance on and off the highway.

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Hurlstone Agricultural High School Students Discussion

Former students of Hursltone Agricultural High School in Sydney, Australia, who wish to discuss issues related to Australian agriculture. Particularly for students who attended during and between the years 1963 and 1968.

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TPA Board of Directors plus Directorates

This list allows communication between all current TPA individuals within the Board of Directors and Directorates groups.

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This list is for members to discuss all aspects of model engineering, live steam, and amateur engineering workshop topics / home shop mechanics.

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list for optacon users and researchers

A list for optacon users and developers of other optacal to tactical conversion technology for blind people.

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Accessible Image for the Visually impaired

The Access Image list's purpose is to discuss graphics, images designed for viusally impaired. This includes the development of tactile graphics, and other types of information design for the blind and visually impaired. And the discussion of technology used in the design of. The list is for anyone interested.

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PTBK herrsektion

This is a contact list for male senior members in the local tennis club PTBK in Pavelund, Gothenburg. The main function of the list is to exchange information on schedules and events that are of concern to the list members. The list is closed-post.

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Python Lowracer

Communication and information sharing among homebuilders of the python lowracer.

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A mailing list for Chevy El Camino enthusiasts, particularly those interested in using more modern technology like electronic fuel injection, computer-controlled transmissions and other items that were not available when El Caminos were on the market. Discussion and advice will be offered in all aspects of El Camino projects, but the emphasis will be on the use of leading-edge technology to create vehicles that are safer, more economical to operate and more fun to drive.

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Motts Landing HOA Advisory Committee

Motts Landing HOA

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Valley of the Blind

A social and support group in the Sacramento area for blind and low vision persons. Blind and low vision parents, blind technology, living skills, and finding people like you. Monthly gatherings in various locations through out Sacramento .

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For scripting and configuring JAWS. Normal JAWS usage not connected to scripting is off topic. Messages about using applications not connected with JAWS scripting and configuring are off topic.

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Blind ZA Lifestyle/Technology discussion List

Open discussion forum for all visually impaired/blind people and even sighted people who want to help them. List is for the discussion of, among other things, lifestyle, related technology, etc. etc. Would like to focus membership in South Africa (hence the ZA part of the name), but not limited.

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Glide Club Gdynia

Glide Club Gdynia is a paraglider pilots club in Tricity. Discussion on recent flights, planning new trips, technical equipment (vario, gps, radio). This list has a robot monitoring weather forecasts, sending notifications whenever weather conditions seem to be good. The main language is Polish.

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VIP Audio Access

A list to inform, empower and encourage both beginner and advanced visually impaired and blind musicians on the latest technologies surrounding audio access solutions. Discussion on: - Content of the website www.vipaudioaccess.com. - HSC (Hotspot Clicker), it's useage and development. - Any scripting solutions for audio access. - Current and future accessibility of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. - VIP audio resources (e.g, specific software, websites, training material, musicians, tuition etc). - Sharing access and musical experiences, e.g, challenges, pitfalls, tips, advice, help and successes.

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Social Work Palliative Care

Social Workers who have completed the Institute for Palliative Care's online course.

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Electric Flyers Discussion

A list dedicated to the growth of the use of R/C electric aircraft.

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Brewtopia Events Email Brewsletter

This "Brewsletter" from Brewtopia Events includes information about beer events, beer reviews, brewing/homebrewing technology and resources, beer travel, beer sites on the internet, brewing science, and information about the Athens, GA Classic City Brew Fest (held each spring for charity). The Brewtopia Events website is http://www.ClassicCityBrew.com

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replay products from Applian

This list was created so that blind users of Applian's products can discuss their functionality with various assistive technology products.

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Cedar Fire Memorial Steering Group

Steering group for Lakeside, CA Cedar Fire Group. This group is established in collaboration with the Lakeside, California Fire Department and the Heartland Fire District. The intent is to design and approve an architectural design for emplacement on the grounds of the Lakeside Fire Department in recognition of the contribution and sacrifices they and others made during the Cedar Fire of October 2003.

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Fountain Pen Talk

Fountain pens, though seemingly simple, employ a vast range of manufacturing techniques and filling systems. Manufacturing techniques range from modern resinous materials to celluloids that must be "cured: for years, sometimes, before they are structurally stable. Often, lacquer finishes over various metals are used as less expensive alternatives. Filling systems can be as simple as those that accept ink by capillary action to those that require multistage pistons and assorted seals to effect the necessary vacuum. Lastly, even the inks vary widely and are a source of discussion. Until recently, there were only a few that had true archival qualities. Nowadays, many everyday inks have the quality of bonding with the cellulose in paper to produce documents that stand up to the strongest efforts of those who would tamper with checks or documents. These are the technologies that make up typical discussions between fountain pen enthusiasts. It is expected that the threads of conversation will range from types of fountain pens, their use and maintenance and even the properties of their fuel (inks) and how the use of various inks affects the writing from the pen.

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The JFW mailing list

This list is for the discussion of the Jaws for Windows Screen Reader software produced by Freedom Scientific. JFW is a software package that gives the visually impaired audible access to windows.

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OBE Executive

Mailing list for the current executive of the Okanagan Business Excellence group.

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Audubon Society of Kentucky

For use by the Audubon Society of Kentucky to share information and local sightings.

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Blind Chess

List for the discussion of playing chess by blind or visually handicapped individuals via email and over the board.

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This listserv is designed to provide Senior Citizens with tips, tricks, and resources for using technology.

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ASHRAE London Canada

ASHRAE London Canada Chapter email list - the local chapter located in London, Ontario, Canada for the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Anyone interested in finding out about mechanical building systems (plumbing, hvac, controls, equipment selection and sizing, energy efficiency, codes and standards) can join this email list and attend meetings. By joining this email list, you will receive information about meetings, local events, new ASHRAE standards and codes. Additional information on ASHRAE can be found at: http://www.ashrae.org Additional chapter information can be found at: http://londoncanada.ashraechapters.org

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Accessible Android NL

Een Nederlands talig mailing lijst waar blinde en slechtziende Android gebruikers in het Nederlands informatie kunnen uitwisselen.

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X500 Standards

The mailing list for those interested in the development and maintenance of the X.500 Directory standard.

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Nine O'Clock Net Hosts

This mailing list is for those that help host the Nine O'clock Net on the Puget Sound Repeater Group WW7PSR repeater.

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Talk Serotek

The purpose of this list is to talk about the use of Serotek’s products and technology. This list is not affiliated with Serotek in any way. We will talk about how Serotek’s products compare to other technologies out there. Any experience you have with Serotek and it’s products is welcome! Constructive criticism is also welcome, however bashing of any type will not be tolerated! Topics up for disscussion include, but are not limmited to the following: How serotek’s products like system access work with windows xp/vista/ other os’s/applications compared with software from other vendors. How other screen reading software compares positively and/or negatively with system access in terms of functionality, ease of use, and reliable information presentation to the user. Remote access tools from serotek, compared with other vendors remote access offerings. Using the system access software in a job setting and/or a class room setting. Differences in scripting for jaws, window eyes, and system access.

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Illiana Skywarn Weather-spotters Listserve

Illiana Skywarn is a group of volunteer Amateur Radio operators who relay severe weather information to the National Weather Service in order to assist them with issuing weather watches and warnings.

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Estonian Wazers

Here we discuss about Waze ...

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TunerPro discussion and release mailing list

This list is for TunerPro and related software discussion, as well as developer-to-user announcements regarding release and bug information. This is an open discussion list where list members can discuss TunerPro related matters with each other.

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TPA Leaders

TPA Executive Board leaders listserv

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Guide dog chat

This is an email list for the discussion of all matters guide dog related.

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High Alert

This list will distribute email alerts of high meteor activity, as issued by the radio meteor detection system of Andy Smith, callsign G7IZU, in the UK. Email frequency will normally be less than 5 per day. Alerts consist of a basic email containing data.

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VarioUltra User Group

The VarioUltra braille device from BAUM Retec is a combination braille display and braille notetaker. It is distributed in the USA by BAUM Retec, Inc. ("BAUM USA"), which also created and monitors this list. This list is an open forum for VarioUltra customers to share experiences, ask questions, and get answers about VarioUltra use, connecting with other devices, etc.

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Amberlea Neighborhood

Neighborhood communication. Lost cat, need a plumber, babysitter, anything pertaining to living in a small community.

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Very High Alert

This list will distribute email alerts of high meteor activity, as issued by the radio meteor detection system of Andy Smith, callsign G7IZU, in the UK. Email frequency will normally be less than 5 per day. Alerts consist of a basic email containing data.

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Blind Cooks

Welcome to Blind Cooks; a place where people with visual disabilities can exchange messages about how to improve their cooking skills as they relate to the daily challenges of being blind or visually-impaired. People with all levels of experience in cooking from beginners to seasoned cooks and even professionals are welcome and needed so as to benefit everyone. Whether you have a ton of questions or wish to share your wisdom and experience, this is the place for you. Come on in and exchange your favorite recipes, discuss the latest adaptive products, and improve your cooking tecniques and procedures so you can make dishes even you can't resist!

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A discussion list for people who are living in Australia who are deafblind

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Team 2010 Volunteers

Vancouver Team 2010 Bid Alumni Discuss all types of Volunteer opportunities in the greater Vancouver area. Discuss the value of volunteering in our community. Keep informed and up to date with the activities of the original Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid and Winter Olympic Volunteer Team members. Share information about other Volunteer Opportunities at upcoming Olympic and other sporting events. Arrange for annual face-to-face get togethers.

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Baylands pickup soccer

Baylands pickup soccer

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The Literary Club

This list would act as a medium of communication for The Literary Club under the aegis of Best Places To Work Committee at Times Business Solutions. Our area of specialization include: 1/Books 2/Book Reviews 3/Short Stories 4/Poems 5/Creative Writing 6/Sketching This forum allows everyone at TBS to relate to each other on the creative platform and going forward to make TBS a better place to work!

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An International community of Independent Service Dog Owner Trainers that share resources, tips, tricks and techniques from around the globe.

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About Sendero GPS

List for people who do not own Sendero GPS, but would like to know more about it. Sendero GPS is specialized software and hardware for blind and visually impaired individuals that uses GPS along with electronic maps. This technology verbalizes all the navigation and orientation data, so a blind person can know where they are and where they need to go. It runs on a fully accessible PDA. This list will discuss the new software developments, releases of trial software and where one can come to see this technology.

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Book Talk

A list for anyone who reads books in an accessible format like audio or braille. This list is to discuss the books, what you liked or not liked about it, where you got it from or any other topics relating to accessible books.

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