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 +**Confirmation emails not working?**
 +Many users encounter problems with FreeLists'​ confirmation emails. ​ The process relies entirely on the mail client to maintain the formatting of the message which some clients don't do correctly. ​ Outlook is most notorious for this, although we've heard that Yahoo Mail causes trouble as well.  The confirmation email should look something like this when you send it back: 
 +appsub '​listname'​ 'email address'​ \
 +The backslash on the second line denotes a line break, so that Ecartis knows to look on the next line for more information. ​ Bad mail clients will incorrectly wrap this text (usually without telling you or displaying anything to that effect), which results in an //"​Invalid number of parameters"//​ error message.
 +The problem can be avoided in some cases by turning off Outlook'​s "​Remove extraneous line breaks"​ option, which is very poorly implemented. ​ Outlook also does incorrect things when sending mail in HTML.  The plain text attachment that accompanies HTML messages is improperly formatted due to a bug and since Ecartis relies on the plain text version of the message, can't deal with the result. ​ We suggest you send all email in plain text only anyway, and this should help alleviate the problem as well.
 +As of January, 2009, however, you no longer need to worry about this. Confirmation emails come with a clickable URL that you can use as an alternate means of subscribing or unsubscribing.
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