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-**Confirmation emails not working?** 
-Many users encounter problems with FreeLists' confirmation emails.  The process relies entirely on the mail client to maintain the formatting of the message which some clients don't do correctly.  Outlook is most notorious for this, although we've heard that Yahoo Mail causes trouble as well.  The confirmation email should look something like this when you send it back:  
-appsub 'listname' 'email address' \ 
-The backslash on the second line denotes a line break, so that Ecartis knows to look on the next line for more information.  Bad mail clients will incorrectly wrap this text (usually without telling you or displaying anything to that effect), which results in an //"Invalid number of parameters"// error message. 
-The problem can be avoided in some cases by turning off Outlook's "Remove extraneous line breaks" option, which is very poorly implemented.  Outlook also does incorrect things when sending mail in HTML.  The plain text attachment that accompanies HTML messages is improperly formatted due to a bug and since Ecartis relies on the plain text version of the message, can't deal with the result.  We suggest you send all email in plain text only anyway, and this should help alleviate the problem as well. 
-As of January, 2009, however, you no longer need to worry about this. Confirmation emails come with a clickable URL that you can use as an alternate means of subscribing or unsubscribing.