webphone-discuss: WebPh.one development discussion

This is a mailing list to discuss the development of the WebPh.one project, a free and open source (parts AGPL3+, parts GPL2+, parts BSD-licensed) Progressive Web App and accompanying server infrastructure to make calls from smartphones to community cellular networks.

The main project page of this project is: https://webph.one

The main source repository of the Web App is: https://github.com/saycel/webph.one

The main source repository of a Docker-compose containers setup for setting up the backend server infrastructure is: https://github.com/saycel/Saycel.Phone

The main source repository of the Kamailio webrtc gateway configuration is at: https://github.com/saycel/kamailio-config

The repository for the push notifications server is at: https://github.com/saycel/webpush-server