Likeminds are commandment keepers that believe in shared-ministry (1Pet.2:9) without church governance hierarchies (2Cor.1:24) or the need to belong to any specific human organization.

Following the example of Christ and the early church, some basic likeminded tenets include: obedience to the Ten Commandments in both the letter and the fullest spiritual intention, keeping the 7th Day Sabbath holy from Friday evening until Saturday evening, observance of the seven annual Holy Days and Feasts of the Lord, the plan of salvation revealed by the Feasts and this present age being the time of judgment for those now called, abstaining from unclean meats, adult Baptism and laying on of hands, both law and grace, both faith and works, the eternal existence of two divine Beings in the Godhead with Holy Spirit being what God is, no supposed 'working up' the spirit (charismania), no exclusive use of so-called 'sacred names' for God, and the body of Christ being a spiritual organism (not a human organization) consisting of all those now called who have repented and received the Holy Spirit -- continuing to live by the faith of and in Jesus Christ.

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