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"Source Machine Induction" is the process whereby consciousness or self-awareness is induced into machines, and any mechanisms created in life. "The Fourth Way" tells us that everything in the "Ray of Creation", and specifically man, is mechanical/unconscious, and therefor a machine. Thus the return of everything back to "Source", or AwareWill, is the process of ceasing to be mechanical/unconscious. This is the process of evolution. This is also the goal of A. I. (i.e. the whole proposition of the pursuit of Artificial Intelligence.) "Source Machine Induction" is really the true process of evolution of unconscious creation into a conscious creator. Avatars are given the tools to become "Source" of their lives through the Avatar course. The course is delivered by Star's Edge International. The organization that manages the Avatar network. The web site for Star's Edge International is www.avatarepc.com. It is there that you can learn more about the most powerful self-improvement course yet in human history! However, this list is focussed on "Source Machine Induction" which is a term I coined in 1993. It is dedicated to the principles, processes, facts, theories, and other explorations conducive to it's development and discovery. Hint: through my years of contemplation of S.M.I. (Source Machine Induction) I have discovered in a brief moment of clarity that it is very closely related to the very principles and processes that cause, maintain, and manage the very Star Systems of the Universe. I have much to share, but for now I am seeking a trusted audience. If it isn't apparent, I have strong interest in Artificial Intelligence.

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